During their teenage you will find majority of the peers saying they do not want to marry and weddings aren’t for them. They all convey this idea through various excuses some which are hilarious for example “living with one girl all the life not my cup of tea” or “after marriage like it or not we put on weight”. Though later or sooner they all get married only a few unfortunate remain single all their life.

Yes! I feel those who don’t marry are a little unfortunate.

Weddings and Marriages are more of a celebration of the beautiful feeling called love. The person whom you have loved with all your heart the world is rejoicing about it that now you shall be together for eternity.

If it is a case of Indian arranged marriage then just imagine that bride who has waited all her life to accept your last name willingly without glancing about your past. Don’t you feel this a moment of euphoria a moment to cherish on.

Not necessarily all fathers can bid their daughters adieu to the in-laws with a big fat wedding. But a father tries to give the best farewell to his daughter. Marriage is always filled with fun and celebrations the rooms are filled up with spasms of joy. Every tom dick and harry is in their best attire. If it being a Indian wedding believe it or not the celebration goes on for atleast a week. There are so many guests who are at the bride’s home to help, seldom does anyone help. The majority of the guests are in their late fifties and early sixties the best they can do is be a hindrance to those people who are actually busy doing the preparations.

There are a million things that have to be done in that week of marriage. The guests who have come from far have to be taken care of. Moreover things like the decorations, arrangements for food and accommodation of guests, preparations for the grand feast, clothing to adore the bride, jewellery for the bride and of course the special dances and performances for the grand day.

All this is mostly done by the siblings of the bride or the bridegroom. But trust me they face the hardest time, because there are several people who would be instructing them on do’s and don’ts and all have a different opinion. You can’t pay heed to all of them and that is where the problem of being upset and cold war start.

If you are such a person who has tried to help to a dear ones marriage you will understand what I mean, that one aunt who looks at you with a grin on the face because the flowers in the marriage weren’t of her choice or that old cousin of your grandparent who feels you are worthless because due to work pressure you forgot to greet him or your grandmother poking you during the ritual saying “you are next”. The best way to repay for this is tell her the same next time you visit a funeral. She would not dare tell you anything again. This all happens, but it is ignored because it is a season of joy and happiness and no one wishes to spoil it.

Marriage no matter how tedious they are they leave all with smiles and eternal memories. A father has given out his daughter. A brother shall now not have a sister to pester. A mother shall no more have a helping hand in the kitchen. But yet they are happy because their daughter is going to the next stage of her life. She will be playing various other roles in life.


Marriage is a beautiful feeling for the bride and the groom all their relatives friends are behind them they are put on a pedestal and treated like Greek Gods it’s a special feeling and indeed for that smile on your cousins / friends face you can ignore the unnecessary comments given to you by the oldies can’t you?

So next time in a marriage if someone scolds you give them a cold shoulder.


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