CAUTION: After reading this post you might start feeling like a professional hacker or James Bond :-D

I visited Facebook from my computer and my father didn’t get any trace that I was social networking during my exams.

Sounds cool?

You too can be James bond by leaving no traces about your browsing habits and your password.

Your cookies, history or downloads data is stored by your browser and your browser is installed on your computer. Now if I am able to break into your computer then one thing is sure, I am going to put you into serious trouble :-D

Naaah! Just kidding :-D

If anyone is able to gain access to your computer, he can easily get your stored passwords and other data which might have a really disastrous result. I am sure you don’t want it, right?

One solution to this problem is using operating systems like Linux which can directly boot from a CD/DVD or a Flash Drive. That way all your data will remain in that device only and even if someone gains access to your computer your privacy will not be compromised.

We can do it but the problem is that Linux distributions take some time to lead from a storage device and I am sure you hate slow things.

portable app

So there has to be a solution.

The solution we are going to discuss here is like the Linux one, here your browser will be loaded live from your storage device let us say a pen drive.

What if you can take your web browser with you?

Your data will remain with you only and you’ll be safe.

Here we will use a USB tool named Portable Apps. although there are a few others available on the web but this one is the best.


The biggest benefit of choosing portable apps over Linux is that you don’t have to get into the trouble of configuring and starting your live operating system. It just runs on your current windows installation like any other application.

What it does is it directly runs your browser from your pen drive (USB).

All you got to do is just download the Installer (click here) and install it to the root of your USB thumb drive.

To Install Portable Apps, Run the setup.

Select you language and Proceed with the installation As PA will install on your flash drive then at the first step after accepting the terms and conditions you will need to select the drive location where you want to install portable apps.

portable apps

And click on Install. That’s it now you are ready to run it.

Just run it from your Flash Drive and the portable apps window will popup which will show you all the available apps.

Portable Apps is not limited to web browsers only, once you install it you can choose other applications which you want to use from this application.

And if you want to improve your security then you can always install third party extensions on chrome and Mozilla to double up your internet security.


  1. I used to use portable apps :)
    I also used to use portable password manager, portable anti-virus, portable google chrome and portable music player.

  2. Upcoming James bond, huh? ;)
    Nice write up. Very informative too. You have just the fine writing skills. *thumbs up* I’m sure as hell try gonna this. Haha,
    Keep writing. Keep blogging. Team Movzio! :)

    Stay healthy and happy.

    Shivani Sharma.


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