What if I come and tell you that you can measure the statistics of your body just by keeping your iPhone in your hand? What if I tell you that you can now easily impress a girl by showing the level of your heart beats when she comes across you or encounters you? Sounds amazing right? Indeed it is amazing.

There’s a case-cover available into the market for iPhone known as “Wello” launched yesterday by Azoi Inc. which is actually a phone cover which helps you to track your health. So basically what you need to do is just hold it in your hands and all the hidden sensors lying in this device will show its magic. The data which will be processed by these sensors will be sent to one app of your phone which is synced to this device. So basically you can measure your body’s functioning at any point of time by continuously surveying the patters for a better life.

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How it works?

1.)    Switch on your Wello.

2.)    Just hold it as instructed in the pic.

3.)    Hold your patience for few seconds and that’s it. Your internal readings of body are before your eyes.

Your readings now appear on your phone to see and share.

What does Wello measures?

1.)    Blood pressure: Wello measures the blood pressure by providing you with multiple readings in some typical patterns of spikes or dips.

2.)    Heart Rate: Now you can easily impress any girl because you can make her see your hearty movements (lol). Wello can help you track your pulse and heart rates which are the key measurements to judge your state of healthiness of your body. Whether your body is suffering from any potentials heart disease or other threats to your soft and delicate heart.

3.)    Blood Oxygen: Oxygen is an essential element for our body. Wello measures the oxygen levels of your blood. This is helpful to make you aware if your oxygen levels are low.

4.)    Temperature: If you are travelling somewhere and you feel uneasy you can quickly get your Wello be in action and measure the temperature of your body. If it shows high you are supposed to have primary medications. It also helps in knowing the behavioural tendency of fever.

5.)    Lung Functions: We never ever think about our breathing process going on in our body. Wello helps you to measure the amount of air you can inhale and exhale.

If you still in the dilemma of whether this device is going to support just iOS then don’t worry, it will also be supported in Kitkat phones with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy).

Wello is available as a case for iPhone and as an independent insertion for use with other smart phones.

Wello costs Rs 12350, which is a limited time offer if you pre-order it.

So, in-short this device is something which is worth the cost and worth a buy. The features are really awesome and significant. It is going to help almost each and every home for a healthy and bright future. Such spontaneous results and measurements of this app are really worth.

Check out the video :


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