Well, We are know that First Person Shooter (FPS) Games are always in mind of Gamer who like to be a Hero but they can’t. These games give them feeling of being a Hero in a Virtual World where they can fight and win!

Here are top 5 FPS games which I found truly Awesome and breathtaking!

1. Battlefield 4



We already know that Battlefield 3 has gave us a great experience of shooting in past year 2011. So after 2 years later in 2013 Battlefield 4 is here with something new.  Using Frostbite 3 engine they have taken us to another step forward of Realistic Gaming and interactive environment. You will see Levolution in the game which allows players to really interact with the environment like destruction, weather change, flood and many more! Single Player and Multiplayer both modes are awesome and enjoyable with or without friends. Single Player story line is a little bit dull in case but you can enjpy shooting and killing with best Graphics and Interaction. If you wanna play something that can make you feeling like a real soldier in a virtual environment. This game is for you!


2. Call of Duty: Ghosts


Well.. Well… Well… Call of duty (COD) id back with another amazing title named “Ghost”. We all have already met the ghost player in COD Modern Warfare 2 & 3! Now the whole title is! COD Ghost is full of the Action! New gadgets and A German Shephard Dog (Riley) made it different thean other COD series. Story line is awesome and describes everything! The Graphics are awesome and better than other COD titles. Just one thing that the fetal error of less than 6 gb Ram, we have it’s patch too! So now problem if you have less than 6 gb of Ram!


3. Medal Of honor: Warfighter



When we are talking about Medal of honor (MOH), we don’t see constant games like other series but this title “War-fighter” took us to
a new world of FPS gaming and experience! MOH Warfighter is based on Navy SEALs of Advanced Force Operations Neptune & terrorist groups like Al-Shabaab & Abu Sayyaf. This game has some of the features of the old game such as Asking for Ammo, peak & lean, and sliding. They are using the same engine & Publisher of Battlefield ostbite 2.0 and Electronic Arts. So the Graphics are gonna rock and yes, They do! Graphics of this game are Amazing. You will drive car in Pakistani streets, You will do “Dynamic Door Breach” to enter the room! There are many more things which you experience by playing.!


4. Battlefeild 3



Battlefeild 3… Well.. It was the game that came into my dream and I was a soldier in it! This game is so awesome that you will believe
that you are in a Battlefeild! Graphics so nice that looks realistic in Ultra settings and Frostbite 2 engine made it so cool! All Characters
and events really made us feel like a true U.S. Soldier. When we talk about the game play you will fight on foot, Drive a Tank, Fly a Jet!
And when you have headphone on and the sound effects are so awesome, they will make you feel like you’re really in a Battlefeild. Story is
Awesome. Starts with a Subway train and at last, It ends where it started! I will not tell the whole story, You need to play to live it!
At last, this is the game that came into my dream! Let’s see what it does to you!


5. Call of Duty: Black ops 2


COD babe!! Call of Duty: Black ops 2! You have already played COD: Black ops where you played as Alex Mason but now, You will play as
David Mason, Son of Alex Mason. You will also get chance to play as Alex Mason too when you will be thrown into the past but to catch the
Raul Menendez, Leader of terrorist group named “Cordis Die”. I also liked Raul Menendez as I liked Alex and David. The story in based in year
2025, it means we will see many future weapons. Yes! There are many High-tech gadgets and weapons! Story is great! I loved playing and I can say that it is one of the best game of call of duty series. I love the gameplay, Weapons, Characters, Interaction and everything. I think you should play it if you wanna see some surprise, things happened in COD: Black ops… They are never like them in COD: Black Ops2!

I know I am kind of late but you can still have fun of all these games! So what you’re waiting for? GO and PLAY!


  1. Nice Post Sagar.
    After reading your post I saw videos of every game on YouTube which you’ve mentioned in this post all of them are awesome.
    Sagar can you provide me Download link of Call of Duty: Ghosts. :)

    • Hello Ratnesh,

      Thank you for reading my post and I glad that you like it and interesting in Gaming!
      I am sorry that I can not provide you the download links, We buy games to support the Developers but if you can not do it so you can check many Torrent sites and Download it. And Remember, If you like the game, Buy it!! :D Keep Reading.



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