So, the new year resolutions related to health and fitness which involves diet plans, jogging or gyming might prove out to be successfully implemented for the Android users.

The reason being that Moov, the fitness tracker that brought $3 million up in a Series A this October, now upholds Android.

The thought behind Moov is really basic:

Rather than mapping and measuring the counts of your steps and providing for some changes and suggestions one must have in their routines of fitness, Moov utilizes the technology combining hardware and software to enhance your structure focused around the form based training.


The application will track you through your exercises, may it be swimming, cycling or jogging ensuring that you get the best returns of your workouts.

Moov has brought with it its Run & Walk application, which offers four diverse run/walk modes. At the point when combined with the wrist-worn Moov wellness tracker, Moov will send directions to your earphones as you raced to enhance cadence, keep your joints safe, and guarantee you’re getting the most effective work out of your body.


Moov initially propelled this application for ios back in August, and has since conveyed an application a month, each one customized to an alternate kind of activity. This, in any case, is the first Android launch, opening up the item to a great many new clients.

Moov appeared on Kickstarter in February and blew past its $40,000 subsidizing objective in 90 minutes.

In the event that you need to look at the Moov fitness tracker, get going over here on this site.


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