Well did you thought of something which can compete easily to the very handy and user-friendly app “whatsapp”?  Obviously no one did, we all feel comfortable and so used to this app that we feel it doesn’t require any kind of changes or anything else. But the market is as such never static but truly dynamic. There are thousands of people who work around to bring about an all new change in the current loopholes to make it more and more better with each day passing by.

So, there is a new app which is really into the buzz of “The application world” named as “Telegram”. The concept of this application is similar to that of our “Whatsapp” but has got many things appended into it. So, today I am here to review the same.

Telegram is an app which is mainly focused on two objectives “Security and Speed”. It is an app where features like doing a group chat with maximum of 200 people is made possible, videos upto 1GB can be shared easily, inshort any media can be sent via this app in a very efficient and easy manner.

Reviews in terms of speed, security and cloud are as mentioned below.

SPEED: as I have mentioned above that this application’s one of the main purpose to serve is to provide it with speed, great speed. As this app is using a decentralized structure to store the data at the centres positioned around the globe, it becomes very distributive over the web making it a faster access.

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SECURITY: The other main purpose is the security. Thinking of how, here is the answer to it. We all have experienced the security issues with the big buzzed Whatsapp and that is what is been overcome in this app. There is a minute but significant feature of end-to-end encryption to this app ensuring that messages are only been read by only the intended people.  This feature is being added through the “Secret Chats”.

IMG_0029-w590-h393        IMG_0030-w590-h393

PRIVACY: As mentioned above about the security there might be a clinch going on in your mind regarding the data being loaded or maintained in log files on the server side. But here that’s not the case. Nothing is logged on their servers which makes it possible for users to implicitly program their messages to self-destruct mode from both the devices leaving no trace for your data getting prone to any server’s log files.

CLOUD STORAGE: Now this is something which you’ll love to do and have. This app is distributed and also has got the data over the cloud which makes it highly portable for your device, any device to access your data at any point of time.

As this app is still new and nothing is perfect at the “Beta” level this app has also got some cons on the other way around. One main problem which is being faced by the users is that they’re not able to upload their profile pic through selection from your gallery. Even some android devices like Samsung are facing some bugs related to notifications.

But overall, it’s a 3 star app and is recommended to try it out once. We just hope that the next update of this app will clear all these bugs to make it more awesome and user-friendly.

So, have you used this app? If yes, than would like to know your reviews regarding this app. It’ll help us come up with the real problems that must be solved by the “Telegram’s” team.


  1. Hey Mosam

    Great share which I have not tried any telegram app good to know the rating on your blog post wish to try them once I got my new Iphone between thanks for sharing it

  2. Good….. After so much of time, there emerged an app which is compared with WhatsApp! I personally believe, Telegram, if not vulnerable to security-risks, will scale the heights within an year!

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information!


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