We all remember the old school days; they were indeed the best days of life. Remember playing games like FISHPOND where we would write on chits about our colleagues. But as our names were not revealed we would write everything and anything. How can we forget all the stuff that we wrote on the BATHROOM WALLS. But now gone are those days. Time has passed away so fast we are now not in School but we do miss being anonymous and writing whatever we felt like. What we have done by launching the communication platform Panchat.in is to revive those memories of school where one can be anonymous and interact but on a virtual platform.


Panchat.in is formed by a team of five. Usually people after getting free from monotonous working day they would love to spend time socially with families and friends. But our team prefers to spend time in a more productive way. People usually opt for their leisure activities during their free time, for example a singer would prefer singing and an artist would prefer painting. Similarly our community is a group of people who meet up, explore ideas and then brainstorm that idea to form a new product or platform. Usually after a day at work we meet up for 3 to 4 hours work on such ideas as we call it “hobby projects” we work on this out of interest and not any other expectations.


Our team currently includes of five aspirers:

AMIT PANCHAL – Co-founder at Allevents.in

SOHIL PATEL – Co-founder at Printajoy.

JAINAM MEHTA – Public relations at Printajoy

NAYAN MEVADA – App developer at Amitech.

SOHAN KALSARIYA – Intern at Allevents.in


At our place of work there are several instances when we want to tell something to our colleagues or our seniors but we are unable to speak about it. Appraisals can be given openly but when we dislike something and want to criticize it becomes a little difficult. Amit at his company was facing a similar problem. Being an aspirer he thought of a solution to this so that he can convey his message to his fellows without having his identity getting revealed. For an experimental purpose they made a viable product in less than 15 minutes to see if it actually worked. Amit invited his friends to try and experiment and everyone seemed to enjoy it. An idea popped up in his mind of creating an anonymous chatting platform where a person can join and talk on anything and everything.

On meeting Sohil the idea seemed to have found pillars Sohil too was thinking on a similar concept and when two aspiring people meet up with similar ideas they accomplish it giving the best.



The evolution of the name panchat.in has a story behind it. The original word was PANCHAT which is a gujarati word that means talking, discussing, gossiping on anything and everything. That is where the word panchat propounded from.

To have a proper meaning of the word along with its extension of .in which would make it sound like panchatin the meaning was now formed as People’s Anonymously Network Chatting.



As panchat.in was our hobby project we would regularly meet after our work hours at our groovy hangout Cafe turquoise IIM-A campus. We would sit there brainstorm our minds work on the ideas and try to develop the best platform for the people to interact without having their identities revealed.

Formation of panchat was filled with a lot of aspirations, excitement and infinite cups of tea. After working on it for 3 weeks we finally had something which we could show to the people that was a proper site with the domain name panchat.in.



We are really grateful to echai and MICA cocumbator for providing us with a platform to launch panchat.in. Panchat.in was officially launched on the 22nd of March at MICA. As panchat.in is a platform filled with fun and anonymity the launching also was done in a similar way. The lights of the auditorium were put off which led to audience shouting and making funny noises. The idea was to actually prove that once people wear the mask of anonymity the mask of etiquettes is unveiled.

The launching was done by the whole team unanimously and anonymously. We had put on masks to disclose our identities and the whole pitching of the idea was done with the masks.

To make the launch filled with fun. The audience were given an opportunity to join the public chat room and give their anonymous feedbacks, likes, criticisms and questions too.


Yes, indeed panchat.in has competitors like Omegle. But panchat.in has its USP. Which is when you join panchat.in you have to sign in using your facebook id. The main reason is to maintain the integrity and once you are in the chat room you know the people available in the chat room. But you shall not be able to know the senders name.

Panchat.in is useful to all age groups.

-A company can have its chat room on Panchat.in and receive feedbacks through it.

-A loner can join a public chat room and have persons to interact with.

-People with common ideas can meet up and discuss share knowledge.

-Women too can use it as an online portal to gossip and talk.

-College students have found a new Father to their confessions.

-With upcoming elections we can have public opinion polls on the Elections2014 chatroom.

Join Panchat.in and Happy panchatin.


  1. Loved it’s smart ‘Gujju’ name (also ending with ‘chat’) which made me more interested in it… will check it out soon, Jainam. Proud to be a Gujarati, the developers rock!


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