Speculations reveal that Windows OS giant, Microsoft is approaching the market with its official release of two updates for windows smart-phones. One is the official release of Windows 8.1 for the phone users and launching a personal assistant for the users named Cortana.  This idea is much similar to the Siri of Apple. Some of the information about these two updates has been revealed at “Build Developers Conference”.

What’s up with Windows 8.1 for phone?

Microsoft has done an excellent work in making Windows. It looks much easier and faster, with Customizable screen, a notification centre known as Action Centre that invokes when the user Swipes down from top of the Screen, you can have a look to your notifications and emails, and clear them. It also includes Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Toggle, to make it access on a quick note. Windows 8 users will get this update released by the end of April, and soon will update their apps to add more reliable crisp to the usage and user factor.

A synonym to Apple’s Siri, for Windows phone– Cortana:

A personal assistant for your phone. Cortana is going to make it easy-to-use, replacing the Bing’s interface as a whole in the Windows environment.

Well, what can the Cortana do?

You can make calls; send messages, read messages, open web, create reminder and much more. Yes, the above mentioned functionalities resembles to an extent with Siri from Apple. So, basically any user is just a command away from accessing the functionalities.

So, let’s wait for Microsoft to unleash these updates making the spring more beautiful and updated for the Windows users.



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