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Mac’s unique iPad smaller than usual, the main non-Retina iPad still on sale, was removed from Apple’s online store the previous evening, a source said. Looking at the iPad segment of the store between at the beginning of today and yesterday uncovers that the first-gen iPad mini has been dropped from the charts, as well, leaving the iPad smaller than usual 2 and 3, and the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 as the present tablet options accessible to buy new.

End-of-life for the first iPad mini doesn’t come as an amazement – the gadget was initially discharged in 2012, and still utilized the first iPad resolution of 1024×768. It was the initial 7.9-inch iPad made by Apple, keeping in mind it spoke to a denser presentation resolution than had been accessible on the 9.7-inch iPad with the same number of pixels, it didn’t meet all requirements for Apple’s high-density “Retina” segment.

Mac affirmed that the iPad mini is no more accessible. A representative said talking about this change that:

The non-retina iPad mini model is no longer available. Now all models of iPad mini and iPad Air have 64-bit Apple-designed CPUs and high-resolution Retina displays.

Yet you can get the iPad mini in the refurbushed area of the store for the present, and third-party vendors still seem to have stock. That doesn’t mean existing clients can’t keep on getting a charge out of it, on the other hand: Apple reported that it will be among the gadgets that work with iOS 9, which is situated to turn out this fall and give a large group of new elements.


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