So, this is story of a glass, a new vision to a blissful technology, an advancement that can blow off your mind. The precised and sleek technology which got a wavering response around the globe. Well, well I am talking about none other than our Google glasses. Well, there is no space to doubt when it comes to any product launch by the SEARCH GIANT – Google.

It is well said:

It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.

-Albert Einstein

So, today I am going to get you in my car and give you an awesome ride towards this gigantic technology lying in just a small rectangular piece of hardware. We’ll dive into a whole new concept, into a complete different memorandum, into a totally different dimension. So, lets begin.

Here I go. Now before starting the journey let me make you acquaint with some of the basic things with Google glass. It has got mainly 5 main :


It is an outlet point to audio. All of the phone-calls, notifications or any other voice can be heard through this. You just need to flush your head. Bone conductive speakers are the key technology which will directly inject the voice into your bones of the ear or say ear-drum.


As the name suggests, it is the point where we commence and end.


This is the main controlling space where the touch and voice comes into the picture swiping purpose. Voice control and touch control are the two dimensions.


The point where you have got all the controls over video.


This is the best part of Google glass on which whole of its basis lie, the beautifully crafted and oriented holographic projector through which world is just before your eyes.

These are the main sense organs I can say of a google glass.

The Mechanism behind this technology:

The below mentioned thing is the infographic which shows the mechanism of how beautifully and marvelously the things are working into the Google glass.


Google glass is no less than a technically and a critical masterpiece. After its launch it has given a big buzz and beat to all the technological advancements and became the headlines.

Well, till date people are not that much aware especially we Indians are not actually aware about whats the matter with the Google glass because its not a cheap buy i.e. a tech gadget costing you $1500 or so.

What actually are these Google glasses?

Google Glass is a pair of eyeglasses designed in a peculiar manner to see a world through a totally different perspective. It’s a glass with a combination of 2 prism-like screen attached to the upper right corner of the frame keeping you constantly in contact with all of your emails, phone-calls, messages, notifications, news feed and etc.

Whats the purpose of getting or considering this invention to be an out of box?

If we look upon an invention and innovation like a Google glass we will be spellbound with the technology it has engraved into such a small and handy gadget. But on the contrary surprisingly the same is the case with a layman hearing this technology. Almost every type of people got engaged in knowing and giving a glance over this innovation. Its not a recipe made only for tech-zombies. It is like a care-taker for you, like a mom who takes care of your each and activities making sure you do not miss any meetings, any news feed, emails, any up-dates or any possible need of yours. It is same as that of handing over your responsibilities to a trustworthy device.

You just do not require to keep bragging your head downwards but instead upwards and enjoy the leading world right before your eyes.

Technical specifications

Whenever there is a talk about any new inventions the users and buyers are keen to know what flaws it has and if there are any advantages than why one must buy such an expensive frame?


  • Speakers: The speakers are not up-to-the-mark. Even during the use of glass, if there are any phone calls to be attended you’ll get an exponential increase in noise which irritates the user.
  • Overheating: Whenever the glass is in use it gets heated up very easily especially when the GPS is in use.
  • Can’t bear much: Its not recommended to use it for constant 7-hours in a single stretch because you’ll feel the weight on a definite basis, it has got weight.


  •   Projection and display quality is crystal clear.
  •    Eyes won’t get tired – Eye-Friendly.
  •   Language compatible.
  •  Video – Google hangout – can share live moments with your closed ones very easily. You can keep enjoying the stuffs all along.
  •    Sharing is caring – Motive is achieved through glass.

The Applications:

With the advent of Google glass so many applications have developed and are still developing.
1.) A doctor can help his students watch a live operation happening in an operation theatre.
2.) You can share live videos with your loved ones and make them feel the same enjoyement.
3.) You can make somebody learn a dance.
4.) You can share live moments and make your freinds feel freakingly jealous.
5.) Glass MasterControl Application
6.) You can get alerts by glass if you sleep by chance while driving preventing you from encountering a fatal accident.
7.) You can easily find yourself when you are lost.

The Unboxing of Google Glass

The guy whom we owe a lot.

An experimental evening with Google Glass

The genie who follows the commands

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So, last but not the least this is something which is enchanting, enclosing and an awesomely curious piece of hardware. It gives you an all new feel of commanding over anything.

So, would like to end up by this wise quote:

The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty, and all forms of human life.

-John F. Kennedy


  1. I have heard about it since long time but never went into details.
    Franky, it never impressed me but the ‘flow of writing’ in this article certainly did.

    Benefit of Google Glass is conveyed in one sentence: “No need to bring head downwards but instead upwards.” :)

    Article touched usability as well as Technical aspect. But, considering I am reading about it for the very first time, I have some questions which still remain unanswered.
    1. I understand it is standalone device but can we connect it to Phone? If so, what would be benefit? Screen Mirroring?
    2. and Approximate Price?

  2. Hello Rohit,

    1. Google glass is standalone device but it will work effectively when you connect it with your Android / iOS device. They have app called MyGlass which will send data to your glass and also you can use your mobile internet data when you are not in range of wifi. Yes this application has screen mirroring feature, last picture of this article is screenshot of screencast.
    2. Write now prize is 1500$ + tax


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