Contracting a hitman has never been less demanding nor has obtaining cocaine or heroin.

Such buys are currently easily carried out from the solace of one’s home at the click of a button and there’s pretty much nothing the police can do about it.

This stressing growth of the criminal bootleg market is down completely to the Deep Web – a fuming network of encoded sites – otherwise called Tor – that permits clients to surf underneath the regular web with no identity.

The Deep Web, by and large, is the piece of the Web that is invisible to web crawlers/ search engine; which may includes dynamic web pages(which comes into existence only when asked for), restricted access (where a secret key is needed) or context oriented pages, that vary depending upon IP ranges of users.

Anyhow the Deep Web is a profound bootleg markets to make trades in ideas and goods. Through TOR (which is a browser), one can get to registries, for example, the Hidden Wiki, where clients can get “paid professional killers” or dealing with drugs.

Huge numbers of these sites are genuine (like the SilkRoad which is “eBay of drugs”), while others are obviously fake. And there is law requirement, and loads of it, as you may envision. A decent round-up of some of these sites can be found here. Keeping in mind we disclaim any obligation regarding what you may find below in the incorporated content.

Level 0 web: Common Web

A place where every common thing is being shared openly.

Level 1 Web: Surface Web

This level includes our day-to-day interactions with the inter-networks i.e. internet. The following things are includes:

  • Reddit
  • Dig
  • Temporary Email services
  • Social Networks
  • Web Hosting
  • MySQL Databases

Level 2 Web: Bergie Web

This level of Web includes access to things like mentioned below.

  • FTP Servers
  • Google results
  • HoneyPots
  • Loaded Web Servers
  • Jaibait Porn
  • Almost everything on a normal internet

Level 3 Web : Deep Web

The region where proxy and TOR is required for an access to the following data.

  • Heavy Jaibait
  • Gore
  • Sex Tapes
  • Hackers
  • Virus Information
  • Suicides
  • Celebrity Scandals
  • FOIE Archives
  • Raid Information
  • Super Computing
  • Visual Processing
  • Virtual Reality (Only some specific ones)

TOR is required to access some specific things like:

  • Eliza Data Information
  • Hacking Groups FTP
  • Node Transfers
  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Data Secure Networks
  • Shell Networking
  • AI theorists
  • Cosmologists/MIT

Level 4 Web : Charter Web
  • Hardcandy
  • Onion IB
  • Banned Movies/Videos/Books
  • Hidden Wiki
  • Illegal Games Hunters
  • Hard Drugs Trade
  • Human Trafficking
  • Corporate Exchange
  • Multi-Billion Dollar Deals
  • Most of the Black Markets

A closed shell system is used to access after this level:

  • Tesla Experiment Plans
  • Location of Atlantis
  • CAIMEO (AI Superintelligence)
  • The Law of 13’s
  • Geometric Algorithmic Shortcuts
  • Assasination Protocols
  • Nephilism Protocols
  • Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Quantum Electronic Processors (GGGQEP)

80% of the Internet lies below these all!




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