January is the month which is full of changes, plans and ideas that shape the world and make changes to improve life on earth.

There are pool of events that take place in January, among one of them is Maker Fest. Taking place on the 10th and 11th of January at CEPT University. Maker Fest is celebrating the makers, the Do it Yourself (DIY), the enthusiasts and the tinkerers. Every individual making an origami bird to one making a giant robotic arm is considered a maker and Maker Fest celebrates this epiphany of innovators, creators and designers ranging from a weaving artist to a rocket scientist. It is the platform for people who create magic using the technology hidden under the roof.


Intiated by the Motwani Jadeja Family foundation, a 100% charitable organization. The Foundation aims to support entrepreneurs in under-served pockets of the world and promotes the development of world-class education, innovation, and empowerment of people particularly in India, Africa, and the United States.


Maker Fest has been happening in India since 2014, last year there were more than 30 makers who got a chance to unveil their innovations and kick start the maker movement in India. Within an year Maker Fest has grown and evolved.

With more than 100 makers coming down at Maker Fest with some of the best innovations from the nation, this is certainly an event one can’t afford to miss. Maker Fest is not merely an event it is a celebration of the ideas. 

Maker Fest 2015 has some of the best innovations like the Batpod, yes, similar to the one in the movie Batman one of the makers is here with a batpod. Batman fans if this doesn’t lure you than you no bat man fan.

Maker Fest 2015 has makers that have brought a revolution in the field of healthcare, imagine a mind controlled wheelchair, this is certainly bliss to the patients who have been attacked by Paralysis

3D printing technologies is the new boom, at Maker Fest come witness some of the most innovative 3D printers. Imagine a 3D printer that prints your selfies! Sounds interesting right! Come have a look of it during.

Maker Fest believes in growing and evolving together. The children are our future and for a brighter future Maker Fest has several interesting workshops which shall bring the maker out of the child. Some of the best workshops are Circuitricks: Draw your circuits using pencil and paper.  Another interesting workshop is Squishy Circuits which teaches you how to connect circuits using materials like dough.

CircuiTricks (1)

Join us at Maker Fest and celebrate the Maker movement. After all cramming bookish knowledge doesn’t take us anywhere but experimenting on our ideas does.


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