[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell, if you have read Dan Brown’s “Angels and Demons” or have seen the movie “Angels and Demons” starring Tom Hanks then this article’s each term will make you feel acquainted with it. Let’s begin.

The world of contradictions and the world of astronomical research are very synonymous wit each other. This is the time when the “after discovery” things have warmed up the world of astronomical buzz. The buzz is regarding the injustice done to Indian Scientist Satyendranath Bose for not awarding him with a noble prize recognition for what he had contributed in the discovery of  “The God Particle” also known as “Higgs Boson” particle.

Well, the story begins with once upon a time….. !!

How intelligent is the creator of this universe that till date there are thousands of researchers and scientists who are still studying the concept behind its birth and creation but are yet not able to figure out its origin nor are able to justify the same to the people out there. Before around half a century ago British scientist Peter Higgs and an Indian scientist Satyendranath Bose came out with such a theory that there is an existence of such a particle which is smaller than an atom responsible for the mass of an atom. This particle was then named as “Higgs Boson” particle also known as “God Particle”. Last year this particle was produced in the laboratory. On the basis of this research Peter Higgs shared the honor to get the recognition and noble prize for the same with his fellow scientist  Francois Englert, of Belgium. The point of argument is that the first one to come up with the idea behind God particle was none other than Satyendranath Bose and he was given no recognition or awarded.

It is clearly stated that the popes and cardinals do not need to get scared with the successful production of God Particle in the laboratory by the scientists. Actually they are scared with the fact that “this discovery might lead people to stop believing in God and start believing in science and just scientists.” But that is not the case because “God particle” is a particle of inertia, it is actually not a God particle but instead God used this particle to create this universe. Scientists are unable to understand this creation till date. Each and everything existing in this universe is made with such a perfect planning that only a highly intelligent person can understand the concept behind it which can be assumed as God himself. The day when scientists will figure this thing out, we will address them as God.

According to scientists and researchers it is claimed that before 13.7 billion years ago when the “Big-Bang” took place, God particle played a major role in it. To find this particle world’s top team of scientists researched in a lab constructed on the border of France and Switzerland 100 meters deep into the earth for 4 years. To experiment this 27 km long “particle accelerator” was created deep under the earth so that no other waves could interfere. In this experiment a team of 100 Indian scientists involved. This discovery is considered to be one of the most critical and important scientific research of 21st century.

In the laboratory of Europe, scientists carried out an experiment in which they did collision between protons with a speed 99.9999991 times the speed of light, which in turn reproduced few “Higgs Boson” particle out of millions of other particles. “Higgs Boson” particle are 100-200 times more massive than the mass of protons. But its life span is 1 million’s 10 lakh-th part of a second which is almost too less. These particles are then converted into other stable particles. That is why it is given a name “God particle” as it is assumed that this is the only particle through which God created this universe.

Peter’s discovery, made during a walk in 1964, was hailed as contributing factor to the “better understanding of the origin of mass of subatomic particles” that would predicate the next generation of physics research. It was also supposed to prove to be momentous move towards the “World of Quantum Physics”.

Higgs theory addressed as ‘Higgsogenesis’ Proposed to explain Dark Matter. During the early time of Universe the interactions of Higgs Boson and anti-Higgs might have caused an asymmetry between matter and antimatter.

In 1964 Peter Higgs came up with a theory that, during the BigBang the substance which was in existence was in the form of light and had no mass. After few moments of BigBang a new substance was formed which gave mass to such mass-less substances and thereafter the substances which gained mass became responsible for formation of the sun, moon, starts, planets, earth, mountains, rivers and so on. This particle was then named “Higgs Boson” but nobody separated this particle. According to astronomers this was the 12th particle, whereas the remaining 11 particles already had a base and fundamental. till the time all the 11 particles were successfully produced in the laboratory but this 12th one didn’t gave the team the success in producing it. Last year when “God Particle” was produces in Europe’s lab under the earth crust, a huge amount of intensity was released simultaneously.

In 1964 when Peter Higgs brought the theory of “God Particle” before the world, he actually took the help of this theory previously narrated by Indian scientist Satyendranath Bose in the year 1924. Bose sent a letter containing the discovery of Bose-Eienstein statistic’s theory.

In 1924 Bose went to France where he worked with the discoverer of “Radium”-Madam Curie for this new invention. The core and fundamental for this discovery was based on a simple thing “The universe is made up of two main particles” from which one came to known as “Boson particle” named after Bose and other was known as “Fermin particle”. Till date many scientists have won noble prizes for working upon the research of “God particle”, but the real man behind it “Satyendranath Bose” didn’t got any kind of recognition in the form of an award which is totally un-justified.

Down the line, this is where everyone is currently standing asking the same questions out there.

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  1. What can I say? *Speechless*
    Well written, words amazingly blend together!! The main attraction of the article, however, is the unique topic + theme you chose (not many are able to do that) and the way you explained the very core points. Very well, girl! :)
    I should tell you that after reading your article how stupid I felt about myself. Lol. I was so unaware of these very important things!! Great share for me. I learned something new definitely. :D

    Stay happy and healthy.

    Shivani Sharma.

  2. Hi Charmie,

    Well, the so-called “modern science is a cheap knock-off of the original. The history has been re-written to an amazing magnitude, why? There is great money in “patents”, Not only you get to hold on to what you never created but make other people pay through their nose to use it!


  3. Where’s your evidence that god created the “god particle,” or are you drawing that conclusion on faith alone?


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