The Apple CEO – who’s right now worth around $112 million, and holds confined stock that could be worth up to $665 million – said he’s now been making donations unobtrusively, but on the other hand he’s anticipating taking a deeper way to the entire try. In a talk with Fortune Magazine Cook said that keeping aside some amount of money for his 10 years old nephew’s education, he will donate every penny for social causes.

The 54 years old Tim Cook became the new CEO in the year 2011 after the demise of Late Steve Jobs. The salary he was being paid by the company, last year was doubled to 570 million.

Currently Tim Cook holds the company shares of about 120 million dollars. Other than this Cook even has 665 million dollars restricted shares.

Moreover, he hasn’t mentioned exactly where is he planning to donate his wealth into. In the year 2012 Cook donated 320 million in Stanford Hospital near Apple’s headquarters.


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