Okay so you are also a social media addict like me? Oh yes, most of them are. Who doesn’t love to be there all the time checking out the latest happenings all around the globe?  And in this hush of checking out about the updates, Facebook has made even a more convenient and easy way to remain updated and connected with the world. Facebook recently came up with its new app for iOS platform and i.e. paper.

It was not a higher transition gap in between when Mark announced officially about more apps to strike the markets and the day on which “Paper” was launched.

“PAPER” is meant for catching up the daily newspaper on a handy note. It comprises of 19 different sections which includes sports, tech, pop culture and “LOL”. Also it has got a news feed section serving its basic purpose but with a different design.

Well, indeed so many people using this app have been comparing this app with the Flipboard app and also LinkedIn’s news reader app Pulse as all of these have got one thing in common and that is the tiled structure of this application.

Though Facebook generates around 53% of its revenue from the advertisements, this app will be having nothing to do with generating the revenues in the similar fashion. As this app has got no ads over it, it will be a kind of a new feel to its users.

Now going into some more depth regarding this app:

1.) Attractive and delightful:  Oh yes, this app has many things accompanied with these adjectives. This app has not only got great looks but also has got a user friendly interfacing. The interfacing to some people has been a little confusing but with time it’ll be fun to surf this app.

2.) Easy: This app will leave you with minimum efforts to give maximum kind of thing. It will let you browse statuses and other categories of news with a more soothing visual User Interface. It will seem much better than the Facebook app which you are already using.

3.) News feeds: This app is nothing new when compared with the regular Facebook app, but yes it has definitely got a filtered version of news feed which appear onto our Facebook’s news feed, its like a new rejuvenated dimension.

IMG_0041-w590-h393       IMG_0040-w590-h393

4.) User friendly selection: This is bit interesting because here a user will get the flexibility to choose his interest for subscribing to the sections of the news he want to read or remain updated with. This all is a part of an algorithm for human selection which will help customize and personalize this app to a great level.

IMG_0039-w590-h393       IMG_0038-w590-h393

5.) Preview feature: This feature lets the user have a look upon his/her post of update before its being actually updated. It is like the user can preview of how it will look like when that particular update will be made. The shared thing on PAPER will also be visible on the user’s Facebook’s news feed.

So, what do you think after using this app? Is it cool enough or better than the already existing ones like the “Flipboard”? Share your reviews for the same.

Image credit : Google


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