It really became big buzzing news when Facebook unveiled financials of its acquisition of Whatsapp for $22 billion today, and it would appear that the 600 million client informing application’s income is still little. In the six months finishing June 30, 2014, Whatsapp acquired $15.921 million in income, yet had a net loss of $232.5 million. Emphasizing more on the loss part, Facebook seems to have the reasons for the same where it justified the loss by saying “$206.5 million of that misfortune was for offer based recompense costs and issuance of basic stock underneath reasonable quality”. The other costs included the working costs amid the first a large portion of 2014 was $13.5 million, which sounds considerably more sensible.

$206.5 million of that misfortune was for offer based recompense costs and issuance of basic stock underneath reasonable quality.

Basically, choosing the share-based payment was to attract more of the talents along with Whatsapp’s rising valuation. In the end, Facebook is going to have the ducks in a row with the $22 billion to a great extent to make the issue of “costs” justified. This wasn’t money that Whatsapp was smoldering, yet paper cash it was doling out.

Whatsapp had $10.2 million dollars in income and net loss of $138.146 in the fall of the year. Before acquisition the net cost spared on operations came out to be just $9.9 million while share-based compensation costed the operations to be for $98.8 million dollars i.e. almost 10 times. This share-based recompense ballooned from $38.2 million in 2012 when it had $54.669 million in net misfortunes, and the uneven expenditure of $3.5 million for money working exercises and simply $3.821 million in revenue.

Generally speaking, Facebook broke down the cash it used on Whatsapp as $2.026 billion for the client base, $448 million for the brand, $288 million for innovation, and $21 million for other. That left it to credit the $15.314 billion distinction as “great will” otherwise known as the worth “from future development, from potential monetization opportunities, from vital points of interest gave in the portable ecosystem from extension of our mobile messaging offerings.”

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Growth is what stands as a primary objective for Whatsapp than of monetization. Mark Zuckerberg and Whatsapp CEO Jan Koum said when the obtaining was made in February that that ads aren’t the right way to earn money on messaging, yet the application wouldn’t be forcefully pushing the $1 a year membership charges. The CEOs are doing calculations at the back of the envelope to make Whatsapp to be one of the top international messaging app first, bring an A game and stashing away the competitors and then start monetizing once reached a sustaining position.


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