Hi guys, surely you dudes start to think what the hell on earth this boy is going to tell!! Hey, I am not going to bore you, I swear. I just present some common worries of a wanna-be-blogger and tell the facts in order to focus for good result. If you have a blog, then just read below to figure out you faced those worries or not. Just throw away these worries if you want to step your feet into the spell bound world of blogging. Every problogger was not aware of starting a blog some day.

Anyway before going to the list, I want to ask you one question.

Why do you want to start a blog?

Various answers are there I know. You may start for money or to stand out from rest etc.
So here we go!!!!!

1. Which Platform is off the Mark?

This is the much debated topic all over the blogosphere, I think. There are two main stream blogging platforms as you know- WordPress and Blogger. 90% of blogging related blogs posted “WordPress v/s Blogger” article. Apart from the two there are much more like tumblr, typepad, etc.

I personally recommend blogger platform for newbie bloggers. Because it is simple at the same time powerful to blog. We only require a domain name not hosting. Hence low expense. Blogger provides a .blogspot.com domain. We can also add our TLDs with no effort. After blogging some months on blogger, it is advised to go for self-hosted wordpress. We become much experienced and learn basics about blogging through blogger.

WordPress is indeed the rabbit in race (blogger is certainly not the tortoise, but a rabbit with low pace than wordpress, I think). It requires some special technical skills. More SEO features and hence greater exposure in wordpress. Use simplest on the board (blogger) then put your feet on the probloggers’ choice (wordpress).

2. What do I blog about?

Niche selection is another piece of worry. If you decided to blog and chose your platform, then it’s time to find your niche. It is advised to circle your topic without broadness. You have to be very careful in selecting the niche.

Some tips to choose the right niche for you

a) Just think and list out the topics you are passionate about.

b) Find 3 or 4 topics of expertise from the list.

c) Just google your topics and know your competitors (Google’s keyword planner tool also helps to understand competition).

d) Stick to the one which has less competition and more popularity.

Some niches having more conversion (some have tight competition too)

1. Blogging

2. Tech

3. Health

4. Fashion

5. Personality development

and a lot more

I just made a random list. You can find your own niches. Keep in mind that niche plays a vital role in success of your blog. Passionate topics never bore us. So don’t forget your passion as well as popularity.

3. Domain Name Needed, Any Ideas?

This is another common confusion. Everyone faced this dilemma once.

There are many domain name providers. But the real problem is we run out of ideas. Experienced bloggers recommend to add your niche in domain name. Just take techcrunch.com, no doubt the sole niche is technology. But various contradictions are there like movzio.com, labnol.org, shoutmeloud.com, and to name a lot. We can’t find out what are they talking about with the domain name only.

I recommend every newbies to grab a domain with your main keyword or niche. It helps a lot in claiming best rank on search engines. After becoming an authority, you can make a blog with any name. People love to read it. Everybody will read a blog with any domain if it is created by Amit Agarwal. Because he is an influencer. Work hard to get great exposure and make a footsign of your own. After creating the trust factor, you can start a blog with your own name as domain ( eg:- adriennesmith.net, enstinemuki.com, reginaldchan.com etc.).

4. Which is the best hosting provider?

Another field of worry is hosting. There is no need of hosting if you chose blogger as your platform. But hosting is the heart of self-hosted wordpress. You selected wordpress, didn’t you? Then purchase hosting and domain name from same place (recommended to do). Because most hosting accounts give you a free domain name. Make a little research before the purchase of hosting. So many hosting providers are there, hostgator, bluehost, dreamhost, bigrock, godaddy, hostoople etc. Just visit each website and read reviews at various blogs. Ask help for another bloggers. They will love to help you. Sometime they have a coupon or offer waiting for you. one-day Ankit bro (bloggertipstricks.com) extended a superb hosting offer for me. Oops, I was out of money! Regretting that day!!!! Hosting providers give you offers on special occasions like Halloween and Christmas. So well aware of the time, you can pull out maximum discount.

Things to think before purchasing

a) Go with no freshers, can’t sure of losing our bucks

b) Consider trust factor (This is done by surveying a few webmasters)

c) Go with the one with less downtime (blogger wins here even though it is not a paid one)

d) Have a glance at disk space (Low disk space sucks in long run)

e) Look at the features (like bandwidth, no. of domains you can host, no. of email addresses, technical support etc.)

5. Will it be a Success?

This problem is faced by anyone who want to start a venture. We, all hate to be rejected. After purchasing your domain and hosting, you still doubt about the success?? No need buddy, throw away your worries. Nothing comes easy. So work at the peak level, try hard to make your blog top-notch. Hard work always pays off, sometimes quicker or else slower. Everyone faces this fear, you are not alone. Many people are there on your boat. A few reached destination. At the same time many a one waits for a spot in the boat. If you work hard, you will get victory. No one can be an obstacle. After striving hard for a month, you see the results. Then speed up your hard work on the edge of the chair and sit back to see the effects. My friend, certainly you will arrive at the ultimate zenith. I hope for your growth, dude.

These are the major worries of a wanna-be-blogger. You want to start a blog, right? I think I covered all your dilemmas and solved it. Is any others burning your mind or I missed something? Just jot down below as comments. I will update the post soon with the solution. Let me know how you feel after reading this. Spread the words if I am right about the worries.

Remember the question I asked, Why do you want to blog?? Whatever be the reason, just do it with passion. Awesome life ahead buddies, just go for it by leaving behind all your worries and fears.

Wake up, Wade in and Write up your success.

Photo Credit: Simon Hayhurst via Compfight


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