Hungry Australians no more need to stress over when the pizza delivery boy will ring the doorbell with the pizza at your doorstep.

With Domino’s new GPS Driver Tracker application, you will know precisely when your BBQ Meatlovers with additional cheddar is situated to arrive.

Motivated by what they call the “uberfication” development, the pizza chain reported its new activity on Monday. Cooperating with Navman on the innovation, the GPS Driver Tracker will permit clients to take after their order to its arrival.

Clients will have the capacity to track their requests over all Domino’s online platforms, a representative of Domino’s.

Domino’s Group CEO and managing director Don Meij said that “Our customers will be able to watch their driver on route to their door in real time, know exactly who their driver is by name and even know what music they like and their favourite sport team,” said Meij. “It’s new level of engagement between our customers and our delivery drivers that’s never been seen before in the takeaway food industry.”

Meij likewise said that the innovation was helping the company enhance delivery security. Not just does it track pizzas, the system additionally produces live reports when any of their workers drive unsafely. A trial of the tracker innovation in 50 of Domino’s Australian accumulates up to 18 months prior to dispatch diminished driver occurrences by 50%, he said.

This app will be unleashed in Australia and New Zealand by July 13, 2015. On the off chance that the dispatch goes well, the company is wanting to move it out in different markets, a Domino’s representative said. There’s no word yet on whether it will be unleashed in the U.S.


The worldwide Domino’s image as of now has a notoriety for being tech-forward. The organization has been putting forth an ongoing online “Pizza Tracker” since 2008, furthermore lets Pebble clients track their suppers on their smartwatch. It has even taken a delivery ramble — the “DomiCopter” — out for a twist.

For hungry stomachs all over Australia, the tracker could be a genuine aid — if the torment of viewing your pizza deliveryman get stuck in movement continuously is justified, despite all the trouble.


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