AskMe, an Android and iOS app which has been developed by Getit Infoservices Pvt ltd. This application is understood to have some great user friendly aspects, besides providing complete information and details.


Some Great features of AskMe:

  1. Search for locations and local companies near you, for example salons, restros, pubs, shopping centers, health spas and a lot more
  2. Get to learn about cars, real estates, finest available smartphones and much more.
  3. Use this program to get important info like address and contact numbers of various local businesses.
  4. Get more helpful information to assist you to understand working hours, way of payment in addition to evaluations of the firms
  5. It’s possible for you to read reviews around these businesses that are local as well as add your own reviews along with photos.
  6. This application can assist you to make the listings of your favorite local places which can be based on your personal views as well.
  7. You can also post free advertisements for your own company here
  8. You might even share about these with family and friends via social sites like Facebook and Twitter, also sharing them through SMS or email.

This one stop shop application scores a lot many points over other apps, that were similar and even it is but it has more features.

It has much more to entice the users with the heart throb of the country, Ranbir Kapoor had been backing up with it.

Being a free application, you can simply download it from Google Play Store, and most shockingly it doesn’t cramp your smartphone memory. This multi purpose app, which occupies only 2.4 MB, can readily fit into the small memory space reachable in your smartphone which must be needed by you to save music, videos, photos and other important things. The multiplicity of jobs to be performed by this single app gives a great advantage over the other programs to it.


In case you’re searching for a program which solves many aims of seeking the finest positions and company positions around you or to help you out in a city, then you can’t trust on any app other than Askme. You can Download this app now for various deals and much more things ahead.


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