The news in the world of tech is buzzing with Apple WWDC 2014. There is a fleet of happiness and excitement seen in the apple users for this event. Millions of eyes are going to be heading on this Show-stopper event to be held at San Francisco’s Moscone Center where Apple CEO Tim Cook will be trotting on stage at 10 a.m. to unfold of what Apple has got for its users in the coming time. The WorldWide Developers Conference is going to unveil its upcoming and breakthrough developments and updations in its technology i.e. the next generation softwares. This will include the iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. It is for the first time these two major entries will be unfolded for the year 2014 before the public and will be rolling out its features and specifications.

The people are actually driven away into the dilemma of whether Apple will be surprising its consumers by some jaw-dropping innovation or will unfold its typical minor changes into its softwares and devices. Though, the major innovations won’t be made available to the consumers for months. It will take time for Apple users to get their hands-on over it.


No doubt that Apple has already created a dome of excitements among every Apple admirer by pushing the biggest headline of its timely acquisition of Beats. A lot more has been rumored about the innovation happening in the Apple headquarters from a new health initiative to a major desktop design. But, still we can’t expect much from this show. This show might have Dr. Dre or Jimmy lovine to act as a cameo.

So, what are the possibilities of this unveiling show by Apple? What has Apple got under its domain this time to make his customers happy at WWDC 2014?

Here are some of the expected roll outs and gifts TIM COOK and its team has got to gift its users at the Apple WWDC 2014:

1.) iOS 8:

iOS 8 the all new version of Apple’s mobile OS segment will be rolling out. Though it won’t be having any major changes made into it. Last time, during the launch of iOS 7 Apple made a major move in its segment of OS for mobile phones. This time iOS 8 won’t be seen with such major changes except for its refreshing features like Background App Refresh which is expected to be swirling around its users. Including this, Apple also will also be unfolding some cool features in its iOS 8.


2.) Health Book:

Apple is about to be into the section of the Health and care to increase its dimensions. You as a user might have been having atleast one application that will help you maintain your health, isn’t it? Apple will be launching its all new dimension i.e. a health hub named HealthBook which will comprise of all the health related applications for its dedicated users. It’ll be acting as a kind of an individual and unique app, one of its kind.

A report jotted down some details related to HealthBook that it will be able to indicate the heartbeats, the number of steps you walked while jogging, nutrition level, blood-sugar level, hydration and many more. Healthbook is fully dedicated and specialized for health related stuffs i.e. a centralized space for fitness.

Speculations reveals that Heathbook might happen to co-ordinate with Apple’s new iWatch.

3.) iPad with new split screens:

iPad still lacks in working with two apps simultaneously through multiple screens. This is the major feature which is going to be around the corners for the iPad users soon.

4.) Siri :

No doubt Siri is one of the best voice recognition apps but there is as such no app which is 100% perfect and doesn’t need any updations, isn’t it?

Apple has been doing tie-ups with few of the third party applications for this voice assistant. Since the advent of Microsoft’s Cortana which includes people reminders and smart assistance to the user.



Apple is also looking out for a new space for a development in this area to compete Cortana. This may add a great value for the Siri users.

5.) Wild Cards:

So, you own an Apple iPhone but are not able to use one very interesting feature of OS X i.e. interactive notifications which can be responded to even if the app is not open. This time Apple WWDC is going to make this feature as a wildcard entry for the iOS too i.e. in iOS 8 with a standalone app for iTunes Radio.

6.) OS X 10.10 :

Last time it was iOS rocking the stage with the advent of iOS 7, this time this legacy will be carry forwarded by the unfolding of OS X 10.10. This time the major changes will be with the OS X 10.10 featuring an all new drastic change in the design.

OS X 10.10 is rumored to have a nick name Yosemite or El Cap.

7.) iWatch and Apple Tv:

It has been a trend followed by Apple at the WWDC conference that it has never unleashed any hardware segment i.e. for mobiles. Since past two years Apple has unleashed its Mac Pro and the MacBook Pro With Retina Display at the WWDC conference. But this time there is nothing been buzzed till date about any hardware getting released in here. Though there were some speculations pin-pointing Apple to come up with a 12 inch MacBook Air with Retina Display but looking back Apple has just rejuvenated that hardware before some time.

There is also an Apple TV been rumored in the public which was previously considered as a smart-home hub for the users. But, still the headlines regarding this smart TV are no more than rumors. Atleast we can’t expect it to happen in this WWDC conference.

8.) Smart home Initiative :

Apple was lately into the headlines in a report jotted down by Financial Times. The report said that Apple is plunging to unleash a new smart-home initiative at the WWDC conference.

The system is supposed to provide an easy access to the developers to integrate their apps, users will be given an access to a centralized hub where the user will be able to control the home appliances through their iPhones.

Well, now what we can do at the moment is to live stream ourselves straight at the Apple.

Check out the live streaming at  Apple WWDC 2014.

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