Music soothes our soul. Isn’t it?

You are having a bad day. Listen to some good songs. You are feeling depressed. Listen to good music. You are having a hectic time during your exams. Relax with some soulful tunes. See, music has so much to offer you!

Gone are the days when music was only confined to the radio or music albums.

Now, with the advent of Android phones, anyone and everyone today can listen to music from any part of the world. Music heals you. You must have heard of music therapy too?

Sob… If music is so much in demand, why not bring in something that can make music easier!

Yes, that’s what the manufacturer of music apps thought about. This is how the several music apps have come up.

Today, finding free music is much easier. You need not worry about the level of piracy. Nowadays, you can find any song with a single click. Want to save any song offline, you have got top music downloader apps or want to listen to music? You have got music streaming apps.

Just do not bother to ask, but it is time that you get the following music apps downloaded soon.

Given below is a list of the best music streaming apps that you can keep in your android device.

Come on. Let’s start.


You must have heard about this app as it is in the air now.

This can be called as one of the best free music apps.

There are two versions for this app:

  1. Free
  2. Paid

The free version of this app allows you to use the FLOW features. It opens up and brings before you new artists. Also, you can create your own favorite playlist and add songs according to your personal taste.

You can even look for songs by tying just the lyrics.

Besides, there is a premium version to this app. It is very obvious that you will get more features in the premium section.

High-quality audio, offline listening to music, and the auto support of Android are all contained in the premium mode.

iHeart Radio

This one falls under one of the most popular music apps. It keeps basically glued to the radio. Yes, it is radio! The antique has made a huge comeback. Al the radio stations are available.

Definitely, your individual taste plays the key role. You can add your favorite stations and keep them saved. Seasonal radio stations like the podcast, talk radio, and comedy shows are also a part of this app. This is something most music apps will miss out. In a way, you can call it their USP!

Both AM and FM radio stations are included into it. Another feature that needs special mention is the data streaming. Besides crash commercial music, you have sports and news too to keep you updated. So much in one app!

Download it soon!

Jango Radio

You can call this app a type of wildcard entry into the world of music apps. Music attached to big names as well as with small time artists are all contained in this app. As an independent artist, you can make a good amount of money out of it. It goes like this.

When listeners click to listen to independent artists, the artist gets to earn revenue out of it. So, the more is the listenership, the more is the revenue collected by the artist. Also, the other way round works as well.

Many artists or aspiring artists can upload their song here. They need to pay a small amount of money for making it heard. Henceforth, Jango too earns its operating revenue from here.

What’s best about Jango is that it is totally devoid of ads. So, when you listen to music hear, you will never be disturbed by the unnecessary advertisements.

Pandora Radio

Coming to another most popular music app. Simplicity and cross-platform support are its two key features that make it so popular. You do not need to work much hard for accessing this app. Just jump into the app and follow the instructions. It will automatically lead you to your favorite song.

It has the power of syncing with almost any station without creating a fuss. So, you can call Pandora a good kid.

Once you put your hand inside the Pandora’s Box, you will find a lot in the content library. With time, it has added a lot many songs in its library only for its listeners. If you want to check out the reviews, not a single negative comment will be found.

Here too, you have both paid and free version. Definitely, the paid one will run the best. But the non-paid version too is not bad either.

Slacker Radio

By popular choice, this is another good one on the list. Although you won’t find people much talk about it, it’s really a god one!

The app facilitates both free and subscription packages. It includes music, songs, sports, news, comedy and similar other content. In short, you can call it an edutainment. Just like Pandora, this works on a cross-platform support system.

You are free to choose radio stations to add to your favorites. This will help you to access quickly, and easily. Else, you have another option too. That is, you can go by the curated playlist as has been created by Slacker.

The choice is yours!


If you are a lover of uniqueness, you should definitely try this! It’s going to get you in awe! Right now, this is one of the most popular music apps. Presently, the service flaunts of holding 125 million songs. Now, this is humongous!

In fact, SoundCloud allows us to bring out our talent and portray it to millions of people. Didn’t you get it?


In SoundCloud, you can upload a song sung by you. Interestingly, anyone and everyone from any part of the globe can listen to it. Isn’t that amazing? If you can afford to get such a good opportunity, why not utilize it to the fullest!



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