The annual conference held on this 25th June was a Santa’s Christmas sack filled with too many surprises to gift the customers with. Sundar Pichai, the Indian CEO pitched on the conference like a rapid fire round stumbling with the news of adopting a smartphone “Android One” which would be kicking very soon helping Google to dominate in a sense or two.

After Google acquired Nest, Google is back again with a bash.

Pichai while talking about this project “Android One” said its an incentivizing step to help the local hardware manufacturers help building better, cheaper and efficient smartphones enabling more people to get an access over the ever dynamic information technology industry. Android One is supposedly going to be delivering ubiquity as a smartphone. As, the speculations say that Google has lost the grip over the most populated country China in terms of their Android Markets, Android One can help prevent one more loss happening like this one. This is the basic pitch of why Android One!

Pichai’s talk emphasized describing one of the dimensions of the designs that it’ll be a compilation of up-to-date tech specs for a feasible and affordable smartphone. Pichai – the Indian guy and CEO said Google is even working with the Micromax, Karbonn and Spice companies in India to work on the “Android One” to debut in the fall.

Pichai has been doing research on one of the Micromax’s models which provided almost every tech spec a smartphone requires, thereby comprehending in the budget of just $100.

Pichai appraised this smartphone saying:

I’ve been using this phone for a while, and it is really good, When I go back home to India and other countries like that, it is exciting to see the impact phones have on people’s lives, but it’s disappointing that only less than 10% of the population has access to smartphones. We want to change that.

Android One would work on the basic version of the mobile OS as to lower down the number of competitors in each and every country. The reason behind says that down the line even the giant MNC-Google won’t be interested in entertaining the competition of smartphone in every country.

Having born and brought up in the southern coastal regions of India, Sundar Pichai ofcourse curbs a soft corner for his country. His willingness and love for his country can be felt in his words,

We can bring high-quality, affordable smartphones so that we can get the next billion people access to these devices. We are going to be launching this around the world, but we start this journey in India.” in a conference yesterday.

Google is trying to level the playing field through this Android One. A paradigm shift is expected in for this smartphone, from the development team in terms of every possible aspect.


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