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Akamai NetSession

Akamai NetSession is a very popular application software for Windows and Mac devices. Akamai NetSession is basically a software client that works on the security, stability, and speed of a network. It runs in the background without harming any of the already running programs or software. As you would have already imagined, It has been developed by the acclaimed content delivery network – Akamai Technologies. Akamai is a popular cloud service and content delivery network that is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, US. Although Akamai NetSession usually comes preinstalled in most of the operating systems (and it also comes as an integral part of much network-based software), you can still download this application program online for free. Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free.

What is Akamai Netsession?
With the help of the Akamai NetSession, users can browse the web or use the internet freely and without any hesitation. All you have to do is to connect to a stable (and secure) network and this application software will make sure that everything works perfectly. As mentioned earlier, Akamai NetSession basically works like a client that runs in the background of your operating system. Akamai NetSession Client runs in the background and makes sure that you get the most out of your internet connection. That is, the Akamai NetSession makes sure that you get the maximum speed and stability with your internet connection. The Akamai NetSession Client is a small client that often requires the user permission so that it is not blocked by the firewall. Thus, users who do not have access to this wonderful piece of application software, the Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free.

A lot of time this software comes preinstalled on most of the computers and laptops, which is great. People are bound to use the internet on their computers and laptops almost every single day. This makes all of them vulnerable to a lot of threats that lurk in the internet space around us. These include viruses (of many kinds), adware, spyware and other harmful malicious items along with hackers and what not. The internet is filled with harmful items and all, so, keep yourself safe from that two things are a must – a good firewall, and Akamai NetSession Client. The Akamai NetSession Client comes as a part of the software and gets installed easily and without any issue. Thus, in order to be safe on a network and to keep your download (and browsing) speed good, Akamai NetSession download file should be downloaded today. It gets installed in no time on both, Windows and Mac OS.

Akamai has an intelligent cloud platform that makes use of cloud acceleration technology to speed up your browsing experience with Akamai NetSession Client. With this application software, you will have a totally safe and sound internet experience. The Akamai NetSession Client works for the betterment of the computer (Windows and Mac, both). There is no need to install or download another third-party software application in order to make it run. It will run flawlessly and you will barely feel this software running in the background. The Akamai NetSession Client is such a small sized network client that works to speed up your internet connection and to provide a stable network access throughout. Thus, the Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free. Once it gets installed, it will run silently in the background. Thus, download it today for free.

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What is Akamai NetSession Client

The Akamai NetSession Client is one of the many small applications that run in your computer’s background all the time (obviously, when you have downloaded and installed the Akamai NetSession). It is basically an interfacing software program to the Netsession software (by Akamai) that improves how the internet runs on a specific computer. It even improves the downloads that are performed on a particular internet network. The Akamai NetSession Client works in the background in order to provide stability when it comes to using the web on a computer or laptop. It comes as a part of the package (from Akamai) that speeds up the download process and ensures that the Windows Firewall (or any other firewall) is working correctly and perfectly. With the Akamai NetSession Client, users will get a tool that will help them in enjoying a more reliable and faster downloads form a wide number of websites all around the web. Thus, the Akamai NetSession download (Akamai NetSession Client) can be performed online for free.

Akamai NetSession Client comes pre-loaded (or pre-bundled) with a number of application programs/software that require internet access. Because of this, it often gets downloaded on its own when a user downloads some software from the web. It, mostly, gets downloaded from the application software that is purchased or downloaded from Microsoft (in case of Windows) and other genuine Microsoft products that are installed on Mac. People who play games on their PCs must have encountered Akamai NetSession Client service running in the background. A lot of people regard it as a virus, but it is not. The Akamai NetSession Client works towards benefitting you by providing a better internet experience. Devices that are connected to the internet need a lot of monitoring because, with just one wrong click here or there, there is a high chance of encountering a virus or malicious code.

These viruses and malicious codes are very harmful and thus, with Akamai NetSession Client running in the background, you need not worry about anything related to the internet. Also, the system uses up some part of the internet speed in order to check for updates. What Akamai NetSession does is that it blocks out all that unnecessary internet usage and this is how it extracts the maximum speed. Along with providing maximum speed, the Akamai NetSession Client also provides reliable and more efficient internet access throughout. Apart from all that, the services that it provides as a whole include – content delivery process, peer to peer networking, Network Operations Command Centre, Visualizing the Internet and many more such types of related operations/processes. The Akamai NetSession Client works for both, public, as well as for private networks. In many computers, the firewall blocks this service, but it is completely safe to use and thus, you should manually unblock it.

To unblock a program on Windows Firewall, do the following steps-

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security.
  • Find the Windows Firewall option and select the ‘Allow a program through Windows Firewall.’
  • All the programs that will be blocked by the firewall will be listed over there. Find the Akamai NetSession Client and remove it (to add its exception). 

What is Akamai NetSession Interface

The Akamai NetSession Interface is immensely popular and safe to use application program that improves the efficiency, speed, and reliability for all kinds of downloads. The downloads may include all kinds of different downloads like – application, audio, and even data. In fact, with the Akamai NetSession Interface installed on your computer, you will never have to worry about losing internet speed whilst browsing, downloading or even while uploading. The Akamai NetSession Interface usually comes bundled with most of the software (genuine). Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free and once it gets downloaded, it can be installed normally (just like any other application software program). Most of the popular cloud storages and other media publishers use Akamai NetSession Interface today just to make sure that all the files that are shared are safe and the streams that are delivered are correct.

Akamai NetSession Interface runs silently in the background without and uses little to none of the computer’s resources like – internet bandwidth and latency. In fact, it does not hinder any of the latency or storage. All it does is that it works towards the betterment of your internet connection. Akamai NetSession Interface makes sure that you get the proposed (and promised) download speed by your Internet Service Provider. What happens is that a lot of times, the internet speed gets drained due to some ongoing system downloads (that are given the utmost priority by the operating system). The Akamai NetSession Interface reduces the bandwidth of those downloads (around 60-80%) so that you get a good download (or browsing) speed.

The Akamai NetSession Interface also has a well-interfaced console with which you can review all your Netsession activity. It also helps the users in managing all the different settings that provide stability and speed (Akamai NetSession Interface). The Akamai NetSession Interface is not a virus or malware program. It is simply a client that runs in the background to provide a fast, safe and secure network environment to work on. All your personal information remains safe on Akamai NetSession Interface and your device’s stability, speed and efficiency remain intact. Thus, it also does not consume much of the processor power and your system will run normally. The Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free. Download it today and get a faster, safer and more reliable internet connection with Akamai NetSession Interface.

Some of the features of Akamai NetSession Interface include-

  • It delivers faster, safer, and more reliable internet access throughout a specific network. Also, it is safe from viruses and it also does not affect your computer’s performance (even though Akamai NetSession Client runs in the background).
  • All your personal information remains intact with this software as it does not interfere with the personal files and other information. Also, there Akamai NetSession Interface does not require any signing up or some other sort of registration process. Thus, all you have to do is to download and install this software.
  • Akamai’s services are being used by almost 70% of the download service providers, thus with the Akamai NetSession in sync with them, all the downloads will be genuine, fast and a lot safe.
  • Akamai NetSession Interface also supports SSL type security. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is very useful in terms of the internet. Thus, Akamai NetSession download file should be downloaded today (sans hesitation).

Akamai NetSession FAQs-

There are a lot of doubts and misconceptions about Akamai NetSession Interface and this section will deal with most of them. Some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) are-

 Is it possible to control Akamai NetSession’s activity? 

Absolutely, you can easily control and manage its activity. It has a well-defined console (with an interface) with the help of which you can manage all of your activities. If you own a Windows-powered device, what you can do is-

  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Over there, you will find the Akamai NetSession console.

If you own a Mac OS device-

  • The extension will be found on System Preferences tray.
  • Go to Other > Akamai.

 Is it safe to use? 

Yes, Akamai NetSession is completely safe to use. It is free from viruses and malicious items (programs, codes, and files). Also, it does not collect any of the user personal information. It is basically a tool that improves the speed, is reliable and also works to provide an efficient upload/download experience.

 Does Akamai NetSession work on its own? 

Yes and no, both. Akamai NetSession has its client (Akamai NetSession Client) that runs as a background process on Windows/Mac, both. The client will start running only when you have granted it the permission to run, otherwise, I will not run. Apart from that, it will do most of the control of flow on its own. Thus, Akamai NetSession should be downloaded by one and all!

 Will it affect by bandwidth/speed? 

No, not even a wee bit. The Akamai NetSession does not hinder with your download/upload speed. It is just a filter that makes sure that you get the optimal bandwidth and download/upload speed as per your internet connection. It works along with the firewall and provides the optimal speed to the users. It is SSL secured so there is no need to worry about viruses or spyware with it.

 I think Akamai NetSession is not allowing me to download some files, what should I do? 

Akamai NetSession Client will block each and every file that may have a virus or that may harm your device in any way. Although it is highly unlikely, if you think that Netsession has blocked a perfectly safe file from being downloaded, you can do the following steps-

  • Go to Control Panel / System Preferences on your Windows / Mac device.
  • Open the Akamai NetSession and open the Supports tab.
  • Over there, go the Troubleshooting Report. It will generate a report and after that, you will get to know what is wrong.

Otherwise, you can always contact the 24×7 Akamai Customer Support service for further assistance.

 How to temporarily disable Akamai NetSession? 

It is possible, but duly note that all the ongoing download/uploads will get affected. To temporarily disable Akamai NetSession, do the following steps-

  • Go to Control Panel / System Preferences on Windows / Mac.
  • Go to the Preferences tab.
  • Under the Service tab, click the Stop button to temporarily stop the Akamai NetSession services.
  • It can be restarted later on (when you restart your computer/laptop) by clicking on the enable option under the Service tab.

 How to uninstall Akamai NetSession? 

Akamai NetSession uninstall can be performed very easily (just like any other software that is uninstalled on Windows or Mac OS). Although, before you proceed with Akamai NetSession uninstall process, kindly note that there is no such need to uninstall it since it is a very light app that does not affect the system performance. Anyway, if you still want to uninstall, you need to follow some steps. These steps are necessary if you wish to perform Akamai NetSession uninstall process. Before you proceed with it, kindly make sure that you have done the following steps-

  • Create a System Restore point on your Windows device (valid for Windows 7, 8 and 10). It is a quick and easy way to roll back all the changes that you make on your device, which may harm it in some way or the other. As mentioned earlier, Akamai NetSession does not harm the computer device. But, if you still want to go with the Akamai NetSession uninstall, there is a slight possibility that some errors may pop up whenever you are downloading some files from the web. This may be due to the fact that Akamai NetSession Client is a fine application software that makes the downloads fast and the internet session more reliable. Akamai NetSession uninstall is easy to perform the task.
  • On your Windows device, go to Control Panel > System and Security options > Click on the System tab.
  • There will be a link named – System Protection (located on the left panel).
  • Click on it and it will redirect you to the System Protection Panel.
  • There will be stated – “Create a restore point now for the drives that have system protection turned on.”
  • Click on Create. It will ask you to name this restore point. You can give it any name (as naming helps you better in restoring it later on). Nomenclature of the restore point is necessary as you wish to perform Akamai NetSession uninstall. Anyway, after you have named the restore point, click on Create.
  • This will create a system restore point with which you can restore your computer to an earlier state (current). After that, you can start off with the Akamai NetSession uninstall process.

The Akamai NetSession uninstall process is very easy and it also does not require any extensive knowledge of computer science.

Usually, Akamai NetSession Interface is a shared library of the network that is used by a lot of applications. If there are applications that require the Netsession Interface to work, they may suffer. If you still want to continue with the Akamai NetSession uninstall process, you will have to clear its cache storage first. To clear the the cache, you can download CCleaner. CCleaner is available for free download on both, Windows and Mac OS. Once you have cleaned its cache memory, it is time for Akamai NetSession uninstall process to start.

(Kindly note that in case of Mac, your restore point gets created automatically on the iCloud).

Anyway, coming back to the Akamai NetSession uninstall process.

In case of Windows-

  • Go to Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  • Select the Akamai NetSession Interface.
  • Click on change/remove option and then click on Yes to perform the Akamai NetSession uninstall.

For Macintosh devices-

  • Using the Finder, go to the Netsession Interface folder (where it has been installed).
  • Open the Akamai NetSession uninstall file and finally, confirm your decision.

There may be some situations where the aforementioned options do not work. In such a case, try the following alternative-

In case of Windows-

  • From the Start Menu, open Command Prompt. (Note that it should be opened as an Admin).
  • Change directory to – C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Akamai. The command for it is:

cd: C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\Akamai

  • After it gets loaded, type in the command:

admintool.exe uninstall –force.

  • Hit Enter and the Akamai NetSession uninstall process will get completed.

The uninstall process is a very easy and convenient task that does not require any additional (or extensive) knowledge of computer science. As long as you have this guide (and internet services like Google or YouTube), Akamai NetSession uninstall process would never be a mammoth task. In fact, you can easily uninstall each and every application very easily in just a few steps.


In case of Mac OS-

  • Go to Application > Utilities > Open Terminal.
  • Go to the Akamai NetSession Interface folder, that is, ~/Applications/Akamai/.
  • Type in the following code sensitive lines (make sure to hit Enter/Return key after writing each line).
  • launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.akamai.client.plist
  • rm -rf ~/Applications/Akamai
  • rm -rf ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.akamai.single-user-client.plist
  • rm -rf ~/Library/PreferencePanes/AkamaiNetSession.prefPane

In case the uninstall process is not completed if you have done the aforementioned steps, restart your device once. If, due to some reason, the Netsession Interface still fails to uninstall, perform a complete cache clean-up and then redo the steps.

Thus, Akamai NetSession uninstall process is a very easy to perform uninstallation process. This means that once you have installed this wonderful application program, its uninstallation can be performed very easily as well. Thus, Akamai NetSession download should be performed today.

 How safe is the Akamai NetSession Client? 

Akamai NetSession Client is one of the safest application clients for the internet and download process. You can download it online for free on Windows and Mac OS. It is a very secure and safe application software that makes sure that the users get the proposed download speed on an internet connection. With the Akamai NetSession Interface, all the downloads are of the best possible speed, along with reliability and resilience. There is no need to have any other third party application software with Akamai NetSession Interface, as it can (single handily) improve your download speed. Also, it also works to provide a good and safe internet environment.

akamai client

With Akamai NetSession Interface, users get the best out of their network firewall. What the network firewall does is that it provides a virtual wall that blocks all the unauthorized access to a network. A lot of times, the Akamai NetSession Client (that works silently in the background) gets blocked by a lot of third-party firewalls. It can be unlocked by doing the following steps-

In case you have Akamai NetSession Interface installed (and blocked by the firewall) on a Windows device, do the following steps-

  • Open Control Panel.
  • Go to System and Security.
  • Find the Windows Firewall option and select the ‘Allow a program through Windows Firewall.’
  • All the programs that will be blocked by the firewall will be listed over there. Find the Akamai NetSession Client and remove it (to add its exception).

The Mac OS version of Akamai NetSession Client does not hinder much with the firewall, and the Macintosh firewall already knows that Netsession Interface is completely safe to use the product. It has been in use for quite a long time. This makes it one of the most widely used (and well-known) applications to improve speed, stability, resilience, and reliability of an internet connection.

The download speed is based on the speed that a specific ISP (Internet Service Provider) permits. But what happens is that the system often reserves some part of this download speed (around 20% of the overall speed), for its system downloads and stuff. What Akamai NetSession Interface does is that it removes that speed barring and limitation and thus, the user gets the maximum possible download speed. This speed is necessary for the correct working of the internet. Thus, browsing, downloading and uploading work can be performed nicely with the help of Akamai NetSession Interface. It download can be performed online for free.

The Akamai NetSession Interface has its client that runs silently in the background. It does is that it makes sure that all the processes take place normally and efficiently. It is because of this, that users get a safe and secure internet access. The Akamai NetSession Interface acts like a catalyst to the effects of a firewall system. Thus, all the processes are constantly managed and investigated thoroughly. If by any means, there is a chance that a file that is being downloaded is unsafe, It also does not allow it to be downloaded. The download process terminates by itself in no time. Thus, this is how it makes sure that your system is safe and secure from foreign interference (and malicious attacks). Akamai NetSession download can be performed online for free.

Toughness and resilience come as a dual unit to the Netsession Interface. This makes it a highly resilient to use software application that is very difficult to hack or to crack. Thus, this is why a lot of people (roughly around 600-700 million people) use this application program worldwide. Akamai NetSession Client is basically a tool that monitors all the files that one downloads on his/her system. There are many cases of the users not getting the optimal speed, or a lot of times, the users download files that are infected with viruses and other malicious items. It is a secure to use application program that that improves a system’s speed and efficiency. Also, since it is a very small sized application software, it does not provide any load on the processor or any other hardware.

It uses a very small part of the user bandwidth so that all the downloads that you perform are tested and safe. This is why it is an integral part of the network applications on Windows and Mac OS.

In case you decide to uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface, it can be done very easily by performing the uninstall process. The process has been discussed (in detail) earlier and here is just a brief overview of the uninstallation process. In case of Windows device-

  • Go to the Start Menu > Open Control Panel > Open Add or Remove Programs from the Control Panel.
  • After that, search for Akamai NetSession Interface and click on uninstall to start the uninstallation process.
  • Make sure that you have an application software, like, CCleaner to clean all the cache and the unwanted files that the Akamai NetSession leaves behind.

For Mac OS users, do the following steps in order to perform Akamai NetSession uninstall process-

  • On your OS X, open the Finder and navigate to the Applications folder.
  • Over there, select the application that you wish to uninstall (here – Akamai NetSession Interface).
  • You can either drag the application to trash or right-click on it and select ‘Move to Trash’.
  • After it gets moved to Trash, right-click on the Trash and click on ‘Empty Trash’. With the help of this simple process, you can easily uninstall Akamai NetSession Interface.

Thus, the Akamai NetSession uninstall process is very easy and convenient. In case you are not liking the way this application performs, you can remove it anytime you feel like uninstalling it. So, if you wish to find out more about Akamai NetSession, you can download the file easily (for free) online. Enjoy!

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