Smartphones have become a crucial part of our lives. Though there are thousands of games available to play on smartphones, you don’t actually need them in order to have fun on your phone. Why? Well, because there are exciting texting games to play when you’re bored and if you don’t like the typical texting conversation.

texting games

Messaging can actually help you get into a relationship or improve the existing one. If you are in a long distance relationship, this could be a great way to make up for the physical absence. So without wasting any further time, here are some exciting texting games which can make you giggle and laugh and at the same time, help you strengthen your relationships.

Best Texting Games – Complete List:

1. Would You Rather

This is a simple texting game in which all you have to do is give your partner two different hypothetical scenarios and see what they’d rather do..  It begins with one person asking, “Would you rather…? “ followed by the two scenarios. One important rule, be as ridiculous as you can. It keeps things interesting. Through this game, one can learn a lot about how the other person thinks and can also have a debate on it.


One great example would be, “Would you rather lay eggs throughout your life or prefer losing your reproductive organs?” Or you can even make the game romantic, for example, “Would you rather kiss me while being underwater or prefer holding hands, talking and taking a stroll on the beach early morning?”

2. Song Lyrics

All you music lovers! This is one of the great texting games for you all! All you have to do is quote some lines from a song and send it to your partner via text. The other person will then have to guess the name of the song. If you fail, you have to call the other person and sing the song as a punishment. Of course, google makes it very easy for any person to cheat. So if you don’t trust, it is better to stick to another game which doesn’t involve the two of you to be honest.

3. I Spy

I Spy is one of the best texting games ever. Whether you are on a long road trip or just lying on your bed, totally bored, this could be the perfect way to pass your time. There are two different ways to play this game-

If you are at home or at some other place (not travelling):

i. Text your location to your friends so that they get the general idea of where you are.
ii. Pick something, which is difficult but not impossible for them to guess.
iii. Give them hints by telling them the first letter of the object, or the colour of it.
iv. Ask them to start guessing.

If you are on a long road trip:

i. Ask your friends to guess accurately where you are at that exact moment of time using the hints you provide them with.
ii. A hint can be the first letter of the location or maybe some photos of your surroundings.

4. 20 Questions

This is an interesting one. Yes, it is a face-to-face game, but it can be equally interesting if it is performed via text message. All you have to do is think of an object or a person and the other person has to guess it in 20 questions or less. You can only give “yes” or “no” responses to the other person’s questions. The game comes to an end if the person is successful in guessing it or he surpasses 20 questions.

yes or no game

For example- Say you’ve chosen your mobile phone as the subject. The player opposite you may ask, “Are you a living being?” Your response would be a “No” and they have to move on to another question. If the player opposite asks, “Are you an object?” Well, a mobile phone, being an object, your response would be a “Yes”.

5. Kiss, Marry, Kill

This comes under very popular texting games list. The basic concept of this game is that one person has to pick a name of people they know or names of celebrities and the other person has to then decide which one they would like to kiss, marry or kill that person.

6. What If

The reason why this game is interesting is because there are no right or wrong responses. All you have to do, is text the other person a “what if…” scenario and ask them what they’d do in that particular situation. As we mentioned, there are no right or wrong responses,  but it is interesting to know what the other person would do in that particular scenario.  

For example, if you choose the character Sheldon Cooper from the show The Big Bang Theory, the other person has to decide whether they would like to kiss, marry or kill the character.

7. Name Game

This is an easy and fun texting game which can go on indefinitely. In this game, players get to choose a topic.
name gameThis topic can be anything. Players may choose famous actors, actresses, sports players or cities. Once done, the first player has to then choose and say a word (related to the topic) The second player will then say a word which starts with the last alphabet of the word given by the first player. This will go on until of of the the two players is unable to respond. We suggest setting a time limit which would make the game difficult.

Say for example, the topic is ‘cities’. Suppose, the first player starts the game with “Mumbai”, then the second player has to say a city name which starts with the alphabet ‘I”.

8. Personal Trivia

This one is another funny texting game. It is more like a conversational game where both the partners get to ask each other questions like, ‘’What would you buy if you owned a million?’’ or any other personal questions they’ve always wanted to know about each other.

This game increases on your compatibility and tells a lot about your other half.

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9. Story Time

If both the partners love to write this might just be the perfect game for them. In this game first partner writes a particular word, phrase or sentence and the second partner reciprocates with another word, sentence or phrase continuing what the earlier person had said creating a beautiful paragraph.

Don’t worry if the story gets horrendous or extremely epic because it can always be well remembered and helps in building the rapport better.

10. Hangman

This is probably the most known word trivia game everyone’s been playing since childhood. First player gives underlined word giving options to the second player to identify the missing word / alphabet.

This way the game never stops. You can make it more interesting with forfeits where the player who fails to recognize has to fulfill a forfeit given by the first player.

11. Celebrity Friendship


This can be a role play game where both the partners enact to be a celebrity they like and know well. You speak, behave, act the way the celebrity would do. Text each other things that the celebrity would say. The one who loses the focus would lose the game. Instead of a celebrity you can also use movie characters.

12. Truth Or Dare

This game can be played just the way you would play when in front of each other. To show truth / dare you can send pictures and take turns using dice. It is majorly played at social gatherings but playing the same over the text can be interesting too

13. 1 Emoji Translation (Emoticons)

There are tons of emoji on the keyboard that may not make any sense to you until you link them with some other emoji. It could be meaningful, hilarious etc. In this game you have to frame sentences using emojis.

To make it fun start building sentences into emojis and see if the second person can guess it. The one with the lower guesses lose.

14. Reversed Writing

This is a fun, mind trivia where everything that you write to your partner, you shall write in reverse. And the response shall be in the same way. This is a great gme for him / her to kill the time or to just have a lot of fun.

These games can be played whenever and wherever. It helps you know your partner more at the same times helps in killing time and have fun that you can remember for long run. Texting games are the best to connect with each other. With the help of applications like whatsapp, hike etc and many more online messaging platforms its quite easy to spend lesser and talk more. What better way that texting and awaiting responses and reaction with every game?

Above are the list of texting games that I’ve come across, do try them out and if you have any more than that I haven’t mentioned here then do share it with us.



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