“Women Empowerment” which is as-of-now the smoldering point in every culture, particularly India, it takes the form of a defense lawyer to battle for the cases like Nirbhaya, a law that goes about as an apparatus to raise voice against vile regarding cast, culture, belief or training or by any methods, its a shell for securing the purest manifestation of God’s creation – woman, its an enrichment to develop a society.

A standout amongst the latest feature released by Vogue, directed by Homi Adajania featuring one of the Bollywood’s rising star Deepika Padukone to “empower women” has taken a spun around the nation.

The greatly built up feature is not advertised in view of the reason that it really empowers the womanism in general but instead it demonstrates how you can perish the essence of feminism in the most wretched way.

Before I dive on to why simply a feature of 3 minutes is driving me up-the-wall I might want to characterize women empowerment in my own specific manners!

If vogue, Homi and the sexy babe Deepika along with the director is so concerned about empowering women than why the hell are they possibly coming with such a mess before people? Is having sex with a guy before marriage really empowers women? How? Provided that this is true, I alongside that 7 billion people will be willing to get a justification for the same. In what manner can one overlook the greatest question empowering women i.e. education? I would like to salute these 2 women, making a decent attempt to deceive the center quintessence of being a woman, to be honored with a shelter of womanhood, to acquire and bear on the legacy of women’s liberation and virtue!

The country in which rivers are considered to be sacred and earth as our mother it’s an overt action of an insult to every woman on this earth!

Letting your spirit free and roam naked means you let your thoughts set free and fight for the rights when in need. It means to overt that exclusive soul filled with emotions, love and care run and reach out to the one who lack these gifts from nature. It does not mean boasting and exposing your figure by wearing short clothes neither I mean covering your body will make any sense. Since when did clothes started to define a woman? Since when did having a naked spirit meant “wearing” anything you want?

Letting your soul free and meander exposed means you let your thoughts set free and battle for the rights when in need. It intends to overt that elite soul loaded with feelings, love and care reach out the person who lack these blessings from nature. It doesn’t mean bragging and exposing your figure by wearing short garments neither I mean covering your body will make any sense. Since when did clothes began to characterize a lady? Since when did “having a naked spirit” signified “wearing” anything you want? On the off chance that simply the clothes begin to characterize a lady’s soul, this could be the worse insult ever, because a lady is defined by her smile and by her tender nature which empowers her to go through any damn bad situations.

There “was” a period when I considered Rahul baba the main individual who can break bumbles yet I figure a thing called ‘competition’ to have made its entry through Homi Adajania and Deepika’s act. In-fact even people like Kamaal R Khan and Rahul Gandhi knows what women empowerment means!

Throughout the video, with each second passing by I thought that at some point something good or say different points will be made. But, to my disappointment all she wanted to say is have sex, an extra marital affair and come home late night! The country where the grounds of culture, ethics and the eco-system of our “Sanskriti” is so disciplined, where the Devis are stronger than the Devas can be succumbed to such a level?

A woman is defined because of her unpredented and unwavering flow of affection and vitality, which symbolizes “women empowerment” in its actual structure. Can the foundations of such awesome excellences be shaken by listening to such a bologna of 3 minutes?

There is a statement made, saying “To have sex before a marriage or outside a marriage” sounds like a hypocrite is talking. Can a journey of a woman which starts from being a father’s angel – daughter, boyfriend’s sweetheart – a girlfriend, proud of in-laws – a Bahu and the ultimate source of love – a mother be famished and molded to such an unstimulating and disgusting idea of empowering women?

I am still under the impression of an anarchy that how, not having a baby can empower a woman? Women have always empowered the society by her boon to give birth to a new life, to give a name and identity to a newly born life!

It would rather be an understatement to say that, the irony is both the director and Deepika being a woman themselves are immature enough to comprehend feminism!

Empowerment is not choosing to expose your body, but exposing your soul! Its being independent by thoughts and character, not by clothes!

Empowerment is not deciding whether to love or not to, but to give love without any expectations!

Empowerment is not kicking your husband’s ass-off and having an extra-marital affair but it’s to build a relation for which you can lust forever! He might be the choice of yours, but even you are also his choice! Both of them are given equal rights to choose their choice!

“I am the universe, infinite in every direction!” clearly means the universe of a woman emitting that un-ending love, bizarre care for the world around her, to feel proud and privileged to have born with a boon called “WOMAN” – the creator of every living cell on this earth!

Breaking the legacy of a biased society, a society which still persist that orthodox thinking, a society where still girl-child education is a big question doesn’t in any sense means wearing short clothes, coming home at 4 a.m. morning, having an extra-marital affair or choose an option between whether to live the boon of a motherhood or not! Breaking the legacy to actually imply women empowerment is to educate and prepare women to such a level that nobody can even set out to shake the convictions, morals and order we hold to assemble and support ourselves up and coming future.

Empowerment doesn’t mean “choosing” things, but means giving a call to the rights which belongs to you, which are yours, the rights which can build healthy and happy future! Its being righteous! A woman is not resilient by CHOICE but by RIGHTS!

No such videos can be an anarchy of isolating the truth of being a women and how to empower women.

Remember one thing, empowerment can be made possible at its best only when it holds the grounds by virtue of a woman’s character, faith, generosity, goodness and kindness! Choosing doesn’t matter, what really matters is whatever you choose is “right” or “wrong”!



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