Death, a compulsion.

According to my knowledge ten out of ten people who take birth die. Death is the end of life of a person physically or mentally. It happens due to termination of biological entities of one’s body due to which the organism survives.

Sometimes I wonder why is it not curable. I also get the answer on the other hand. Death is not a disease, hence it cannot be cured. Also curing death would lead to problems like overpopulation.

If death is not a disease, then what is it?

It is an ending note to the life’s symphony. When you consider death as a personal tragedy as on the death of someone very close to you then it’s very painful and tragic. I do not have words to explain that grief. Once a loved one is gone, he’s just gone, leaving behind only memories. Nothing can ever replace them.

Our dead are never dead to us until we have forgotten them. – George Eliot

Encompassing a broader perspective death is a new beginning. It includes ending of an old life and the beginning of a new life. When we think about it, it’s just an ending to something which went very long. Just imagine a book without some of its last pages or a movie without an ending sequence. It’s incomplete? Right? Similarly, death is a sweet end to a life.

I believe everything has to have an end. Not because it is natures law, but, it is an ingredient to conclude a journey properly.

Well, looking towards it scientifically, many processes in nature are irreversible. The energy entering the body is never the same as the energy leaving the body. Every cell will divide itself into two weaker cells behind. Some agents or activities in the body would make these cells weaker and hence it would again divide itself into two new cells behind. This process would continue. If we can understand the activities which are responsible we can possibly extend it.

There are many people who we wished to stay alive, but as they say death has the meaning we accord to it.


  1. u r confuse with your lines and paragraph is incomplete.

    First understand death or understand what is life or understand what is travel ??????????????


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