Can you guess what is the first thing that everyone looks at in the morning after getting up???  It’s a wall clock. Every single person turns their head toward the clock as soon as they wake up from their sweet dreams and even your best friend too. So how about gifting him/her a wall clock on his/her upcoming birthday? A “WALL CLOCK” as a gift sounds so common right? But wait, you will find it interesting when you will know that it’s far better and different from any ordinary wall clock available in market. This wall clock will contain the photos of you and your best friend, the photos of time that is the best memory for you both and every time she will look at the clock, she will have the flash back of the sweet times. Look at this picture that is a sample of the modified clock available in the market.


The sample is just wow right? You too can make it, just follow the below steps and your wall clock full of past memories is ready within few minutes.

  1. Choose the best thirteen pictures of you and your friend’s that you want to put in the clock. Also choose a wall clock that is simple and easy to reconfigure. Generally square shaped clocks are preferred as it is easy to adjust photos in it.
  2. Get the glass-cover of the clock removed along with the spokes from the shop keeper and place it safely as you will need to put them back. (even you can remove it yourself if you know how to deal with screws and screwdrivers.)
  3. Take away the clock-paper and get it scanned. Now place your pictures in the scanned paper, each picture at the place of each number in the clock paper and the last one (thirteenth one) at the centre, using any software tool either Picasa or Photoshop or PicPick or Microsoft powerpoint or any other available in the market. You can also make the collage in Picasa but putting pictures on the scanned paper will make it easy for you to place pictures at perfect place.
  4. Get the sticker print of the new paper that you have created from any of the Xerox shop. Stick it in place of the old one and reconfigure he glass cover.

Here is your clock ready to gift your best friend! I am sure you will love it and your friend too will. This clock is not meant only to gift your best friend on her birthday, this memorable timer can be gifted on any of the occasion like anniversary, marriage occasion, mother’s day, father’s day, etc. As our title say “Appropriate gift opens all doors” you can gift this clock also to someone who is pissed off from you as to conciliate them.

If you are confused on how and where to place photos or how to choose photos then here are some suggestions.

  • Gifting the clock to your elder sister on her marriage will contain the pictures of every family member at every number and the family pic at the centre, so as she can sum-up all the memories of her past in just one clock and can recall them on having a glance.
  • Gifting it to you daughter or son? You can also divide her age into twelve parts and choose each picture belonging to one part (for example if she is turning twenty four then you can get the picture of every two years right from the time she was born like 1st pic her birth time, 2nd when she is of two year, 3rd of her four years age and likewise). Same you can do if its mother’s day or father’s day or your parents anniversary. Similarly you can divide her daily routine into twelve parts and do the same.
  • If you are in a group of twelve friends then it is just the perfect thing for this gift. As you can see in the above pic place the pic of each friend at each number in the order the friend came in her life and the center pic containing her image.

So this is how you can turn a simple wall clock into a special gift.

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  1. Woah girl! Who told you that everyone on internet surfs only about technical stuff?? :O In fact, there are more and plenty of people who like to find crafty stuff and get some recreational. I loved your crafty idea. No need to thank me. :) It was your own idea and the ability to implement it.

    Stay happy and healthy!

    Shivani Sharma.

  2. Hey Vrutant,

    Thank you so much for your interest and valuable reply. keep supporting with your feedbacks as it will boost up me to come-up with such new innovative ideas.

    Keep Smiling :)



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