Transportation of fragile things is sometimes a big problem when it comes to changing the place of residence. Competent packaging, absolute precision and patience will help you out through this difficult process.

Of course, you can hire a team of professionals to relocate all of the fragile pieces of furniture, read the detailed information here: http://www.sfmoving.com. But what should we do if it is necessary to transport a chandelier or a massive lamp with glass elements to a new dwelling? Here is some essential tips and tricks on how to move out with minimum losses and maximum success.

The first thing you need when moving is the packaging for all the items. It will be essential for the chandelier, for example. However, do not look for a box, which will fit a fragile piece of furniture entirely. After all, transporting lamps and chandeliers this way is a huge mistake. Therefore, you should look for a container that is significantly bigger at the base and height to comfortably put all the details of the chandelier into it. As such, you can use an ordinary box, made of cardboard. By the way, you need at least two such boxes.

What is the best material for wrapping up separate pieces of lamps and chandeliers? Bubble wrap is the most popular and secure variant. Not only has it reliably protected fragile parts from mechanical damage, but also saved the material from temperature changes throughout the years. In addition, you can use foam rubber and special soft wrapping paper to fill the voids in the box.

So, the first thing you should do is to disassemble the lamp. The main frame must be stacked into a separate box so that it enters tightly and does not move during transportation. Wrap the frame in a bubble wrap and gently lay it inside of the box. Fill the empty space with any neutral packing material from the above. It is also acceptable to use newspapers to stack up in the box.

Small detachable parts, for example, suspensions, screws, dangly details, balls, should be sorted and packed into separate small boxes. By the way, they are what you need when moving in any case, because small things in each house are in abundance, so you always look for an extra small box to hide them in. In this case, each individual part of the details, for example, one type of screws, should be wrapped in soft wrapping paper. This will protect them from damage and be falling out. And, in addition, this will facilitate the search. Sign and put each such box in one large box.

But what should you do when you have two or three lamps? And in order not to get confused as to where and what lies, do not be too lazy to sign each box, for example, like this: “Chandelier. Frame. Kitchen” and “Chandelier. Ceiling elements. Kitchen”. In addition, these inscriptions will tell the porters that they are dealing with fragile things.

Remember to always put the lamps in the boxes on top of everything else in the truck. DO not stack up lamps between large boxes, kitchenware or furniture. Secure each box with rope and tie them to bigger boxes, so the weight will dispose of as follows: even when something happens, heavy boxes are likely to stay at their places, so the attached lamp boxes won’t fall or break.


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