We can not think of Europe without beautiful capitals like Paris, Rome, and London. These capitals are synonymous with a trip to Europe for the biggest part of modern tourists. In fact, your journey should not end on it – today we’ll tell you about awesome, fairy-tale cities that are less known, but are no less attractive. Here you can always explore something new – East, West, Center of Europe, the Baltics, the Balkans … The list goes on forever. Here is a list of the best European cities to visit from VIP brides


There are many inexperienced tourists who do not like Venice but we have a simple explanation for this: they have never stayed in this city for a long time, and in fact, a sufficient amount of free time is a prerequisite for visiting Venice. Cruise liners and buses come and go much faster than their passengers can dive into an exploration of real Venice. Try to spend here at least a week, get lost in its back alleys, stroll along the canal gondola and quietly enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace of the bistro. This is the only way to fully experience the atmosphere of Venice, its drowsy, slightly flippant and absolutely charming rhythm of life. When your vacation will come to an end you’ll understand why Venice is one of the best European cities for many centuries.


If you decide to go on a trip to this beautiful city, you will not be disappointed. It is always crowded with tourists, but if you get off the main hiking trails, you can always find a quiet and cozy place to feel the atmosphere of this place. Just wake up early in the morning and walk around the city – you’ll see the real Prague, mind you. Tourists rarely start their excursions before 9:00, which gives a lot of time to explore the stunning architecture in seclusion.


Florence is really a city of art. Literally, at every corner, you will encounter magnificent sculptures and masterpiece architecture. You do not need to constantly peer into the surrounding urban landscape in this city, so as not to miss anything important and interesting. Every building, every courtyard, every door is an artwork. Just look anywhere – every corner of Florence breathes art and invites you to do the same. The Duomo cathedral proudly rises in the center of the city. Go for a walk on the endless ancient streets which intersect with each other in an absolutely unintelligible manner, allowing you to easily get lost and completely surrender to the power of the city. Florence, without a doubt, is the most beautiful city in Europe, which attracts interesting and creative personalities from all over the world like a magnet.


Bern is the political center of Switzerland and an object of UNESCO. In fact, this beautiful European city is not at all like a political center, but rather like a place created for a serene life, unending walks and shopping. It inspires a poetic mood and makes you think of ancient times when there were so many mysteries in the world, and thoughts of the future were drawing pictures of time travel or expeditions to the center of the Earth. Berne is one of the top cities to visit in Europe, that’s for sure.


Before you go to Barcelona for the second or third time, think about whether you are ready to lose your head from the love of this city. After all, this happens with hundreds of tourists every year. Many people do not understand Gaudi’s works during the first visit to this city, but when they learn it a little more, they can’t live without this bright, original architecture. Visit a beautiful coastline, read a book in quiet parks and buy something in the noisy center. Awesome Barcelona is the absolute pearl in the most beautiful cities in Europe list.


Bologna must necessarily be included in your tourist itinerary of best cities to visit in Europe. The city is as beautiful as most popular Italian cities but much more calm and cozy. It is much easier to dive into local energy and an atmosphere here than in any other part of Italy. Bologna has the highest falling tower in all of Italy, surpassing even the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


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