What is adventure? An art? An unusual or abnormal or say out-of-the-world job you do which requires both passion and guts at the same time? While some do it, others appreciate it. To be frank, probably all of us might be having different definitions in the same context. But we hardly are even near to that term except for this guy, a guy named Danny Macaskill who holds an intriguing experience of encountering and defying breathe-taking bike-riding over the mountains. They are not just mountains, they are the most dangerous and curvaceous mischievous mountain range named Cuillin Ridge.

This video is a film named “The Ridge” by Danny where he for the first time climbs aboard his bike, returns to his native “home of the Isle of Skye” in Scotland through a heart-stopping and spine-tingling techniques. You’ll encounter so many moments where you’ll literally be chocked-out with fear and goose-bumps clogging all over your body!

Check out this death-defying adventure you might not have encountered till date with your own eyes:


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