This 4 Minute clearly shows that it’s never too late. Yes! We can change the future.

Just few days back we celebrated the 67th Independence Day of India, where the nation’s hero, youth’s role model and our current Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed to thousands of the spectators with this quote:

Our heads hang in shame when we hear about rapes. Parents ask about daughters but did anyone dare ask their sons. After all, the rapist is someone`s son. As parents, have we asked our sons where he is going? Why not put same yardstick for sons too?

Rapes and molestation have become so mainstream these days. Every day we read about them in the newspapers they are too rampant to be broadcasted on news channels. As news channels have much more things to cover apart from the humans who have lost humanity.

Sometime back, the news with respect to ladies’ security and the obligations lead us towards a thought; a thought about by what means would we be able to attempt- to roll out an improvement in a society; a society where a girl is being brutally raped by a gang of scoundrels. But nowadays the theme of a ” girl being raped ” has ended up so main stream that people simply have a glance over the news like a mere “commercial” which peruses “A little girl of about 1.5 years was been assaulted by a school pion”.

Have we become so in-sensitive that we don’t even try to think and fabricate answers for such a disintegrating security rupture lying in our very own society? Have we become so reckless and cowards that we can’t assume the liability of tackling an issue of our social environment, the same society in which we live?

The time has come when the parents can’t even count on their own relatives when it comes to secure their daughters. There was a time when little girls used to play with her elder brothers but, looking over the current scenario the same girls are scared to death thinking of the worst thing that can possibly, potentially and unquestionably befall to them if they step out of their houses.

Every morning while sipping the cup of tea we criticize and shout out loud that the rapists should be punished and hanged to death.Seldom is there a discussion that emphasizes on prevention of rapes. Its never too late.

While the “Nirbhaya” case came into the lime-light, individuals began to pass their judgments which straightforwardly pointed on the “Dressing Sense” a girl must have. We generally have a set of inquiries for a girl on “Where are you going? Why are you going? When are you going to come back?” But there is not a single question which is anticipating for a boy to be answered.

The problem is not with the dressing sense of a girl, not with the laws (always) but, with the education which we implant in our kids. It’s the education which is being rooted into them. The same education acts as the thinking, attitude and thereby deeds.

NO! It is not a girl’s fault. It never is. The people who believe it’s a girl’s fault we pity them. A goat never wants to do slaughtered does it?

Similarly a girl never wants to be brutally abused. So wooing over saying it’s a girl fault is totally false. Moreover we all should take steps to educate our children, though we can’t rectify the harm that has been caused but we can take steps towards a better future.

By lighting candles for rape victims and sharing statuses and tweets in regard to the same we all are doing nothing but merely armchair activism which is tangential to the actual cause which can be further prevented. So next time instead of lighting a candle illuminate a young one’s mind and make sure he doesn’t go astray. If bad happens to us it doesn’t compel us to be bad. Light is needed to vanish the dark. Similarly we need to train our upcoming generations to be full of virtues in order to eradicate the vice.

Well we believe “mahn.. why can’t it change. No wonder it is useless to cry over spilt milk but we can nurture those souls which are germinating. We need to preach and make them aware that its not the indecent dressing that causes rape, but indecent education we provide. The change begins from the roots. The children are the clay and parents the potters, they mould us and teach us to differentiate betweeen respecting and judging.


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