“Mein Smriti Zubin Irani Ishwar k naam pe ye shapath leti hun ki…….” Were the words filled with the patriotism and courage while standing before more than 5000 people on the Delhi’s Rashtrapati Bhavan taking the oath of being the cabinet minister of India. Those were the words from a model doing commercial ads of beauty products to the one who actively participated in the Miss India beauty pageant, to be the most favorite “Bahu” of every Indian house turned out to be a 38 year old minister in the team of Narendra Modi’s cabinet. Her life has weaved the milestones in a very beautiful fashion representing a saga of growth and maturity.

Smriti is a star of her own self from the beginning of her career. Her political career began its journey from the year 2003 by joining BJP which pulled off a huge and significant amount of contested seats in the 16th parliamentary elections i.e. she won 282 seats out of 543.
Though she couldn’t make a victory during the 14th LokSabha elections held from the constituency of Chandni Chowk – Delhi, as she was defeated by Congress candidate Kapil Sibal. Though she was highly successful enough in digging her best political image deep down into people’s mind thereby articulating a face of BJP over the news channels.

In the 2014 Loksabha elections she did a kicking job by giving a really tough fight to Congress Vice president Rahul Gandhi in Amethi, Uttar Pradesh.

Meanwhile, besides losing the tag of an actress-turned-politician, this political diva took an oath in as a Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament from Gujarat in the year 2011 who has now set off for a new adventurous journey along with the other crew members of Cabinet ministers of Modi.

During a talk in an interview she was quoted through her words that she started earning after her 10th standard. This Delhi girl used to earn Rs. 200 for promoting a beauty product. Smriti is one of the three daughters of a typical Punjabi-Bengali conservative family who decided to make her career in the Glamour world by breaking all the bars and boundaries.

In 1988 Miss India contest which was won by Lymaraina D’Souza, Smriti participated, but unfortunately couldn’t reach the finals. But this contest proved to bring that turning point in her life where she shifted to Mumbai, the most buzzed B-Town of the country – An entertainment capital. She joined McDonalds’s outlet to support her dream job. Luck was with her and there she was called to replace actress Neelam Kothari, to host an episode of “Ohh La La La”. The hosting of hers was been admired by Ekta Kapoor and from there rest is the history. She became to be known as the national “Bahu” – Tulsi Virani in a super hit daily soap “Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”.

While settling off her acting career, she tied the knot with her childhood friend Zubin Irani, a Parsi and played a perfect role of a wife and a mother of two children – son Zohr and daughter Zoish. She has also produced TV shows under her own production banner Ugraya Entertainment, fed the families by entertaining them through TV shows like “Virrudh” and “Thodi Si Zameen, Thoda sa Aasmaan”. Meanwhile something was pinching her to plunge into the world of politics helping her to be jotted down as a politician after being a successful actress.

She started her political journey and followed many tags and positions like the national secretary of the party and All India President of the BJP Mahila Morcha in 2010, she became the vice-president of BJP. Besides having so many actresses in the BJP, Smriti rose out of her own charm through various challenges and defeating them without a single glitch or complain. Smriti’s political life is best described in her won words where she said that she has an “ideological umbilical cord with the BJP. We are three generation party supporters. My grandfather was a swayamsevak, my mother a BJP booth activist”.

Smriti has won several awards and is described as “Sushma Swaraj of the Modi-led BJP”, is set to embark a new journey.



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