Rain – 1 word – 1000 ways 2 describe. But 1 surest thing – every human on this Earth enjoys this love season with his full heart. The first drop of rain always brings smile on your face. The whiff of rainy soil, the moist grass and the gush of slicks beneath my feet makes my heart dance. Rainy season change the look of the landscape, with spouting waterfalls in hilly areas, vast expanses of land submerged under ankle-deep water. Rivers look robust with the relentless showers from the sky.

Its 7:30 in the morning, I am in college bus, heading towards college and feeling envy of every creature on this earth who is able to enjoy this lovely atmosphere. On this gloomy day, I can’t stop myself from mumbling the song “Raindrops keep falling on my head” by B.J.Thomas. I wish I could get out of this college bus and enjoy this heaven as everyone do… Wish I could be in garden on a swing with cup of coffee enjoying rim jim barish – or on a highway eating hot hot sweetcorn with my loved once. Have you ever danced in rain? It’s truly said “Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in rain”

Wish I could be with my loving buddies in a car, driving at full speed and enjoying – splashing muddy water on others – unfortunately, i am just sitting in my college bus n feeling unlucky to enjoy, still part of my hand is out of the window and feeling the freshness of nature. As said by SRK in Rabne Bana Di Jodi “Taani partner apni aakhen band kar lo aur iss barish ki har bood ko apne dil tak pahuchne do”, I wish I too could enjoy each precious drop of rainfall.

Wish I could play football with my friends and dance like mad on every goal and turning Salman khan on winning (for that I need to I wish I could be a boy too). Wish I could be back to my childhood where rain in morning seems to be greatest gift as it means one more day at home, making paper boats and sailing them in street water and enjoying garam garam bhajiya with lots of ketchup; blocking all the water outlets of my terrace and enjoy mini kinda river with my mastikhor brother.

Wish I could dance like peacock in garden full of greenery singing “Maan mor bani thanghat kare” or “Savan me morni ban ke main to chum chum nachu.” Wish I could enjoy this rain. But I am in bus, listening to few such songs directed in rain and weaving my feeling on the canvas of text editor. A drizzly day is the perfect phase to walk in the woods. All you can feel is the lavish greenery around you. Rain is elegance; rain is the sky sinking to the earth; without rain, there would be no life.

I want to live each of the moment described above in a single day and get as many pics as I can [of course to upload on fb and Instagram], but also as a kind of memory. Some day after turning 70, sitting in corridor on my favourite comfy chair, watching rain, I could have a glance at all the photos and drive myself to the journey of my past where I had enjoyed my best part of life. Rain makes the whole landscape look fresh, green, and gleaming. While people clump under their umbrellas, trying to get to work, the child inside me wants to throw away my raincoat and enjoy the cold, pricks of raindrop on my face.

The mood is enigmatically beautiful. Monsoon – the season of love

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