Well, after Rajnikanth, Kejriwal, Alok-Nath now our Indian audience has targeted none other than our CBSE’s national topper Sarthak Agrawal who scored 99.6 percent marks in his 12th Science for the year 2014. Its like he might have been regretting now for securing such cool and awesome marks in his 12th science. Since the day he has came into the limelight, trolls, facebook pages and many more funny pictures have been constructed and its like booming in between Indians.

Sarthak Agarwal has become a taboo these days in the world of trolls. Let us enjoy some of the already created posts in the form of pictures.

1.) Sarthak Agarwal till now might have introduced himself as “Hello, I am Sarthak. I am a student of 12th Science of CBSE and so on….” but now he will introduce himself in the style of “KING KHAN – SRK”.



2.) Well, we all know that how many percentage he got in his 12th Science but do you know his marks? Let me show you his marksheet. :P . Even my total didn’t reach the marks of his combined any two subjects. Oh! Mahn… see that winning smile over his face. :D



3.) One day our very own “VIRUS” of 3 idiots interrogated “RandhodDas ShyamalDas Chanchad”. He asked Rancho to explain the inverse proportional theorem and guess what, what reply did Rancho give? Check it out below..!!



4.) Well, the politicians of our country India are so brave, I tell you. After being beaten by Namo so badly in Varanasi i.e. by around 3.75 Lakhs votes, our Dear Mr. Kejriwal has targetted this young boy Sarthak for his marks and has accused him for corruption. :D Want to know HOW? Move down a little.



5.) We all are proud of Sathak’s outstanding performance but only a student can understand the pain of marks. :P The students of CBSE might have used their best of analytical and calculative mind in finding out how Sarthak could have helped them out in terms of “Marks Distribution”. Kindly see the probable and most “heart touching” emotions of students. LOL :P


6.) Not only the world of our Indian Education system was shaken by Sarthak Agarwal’s brilliant performance but also the world of journalism was equally affected. Especially our dear Mr. Arnob Goswami in “THE NEWS HOUR” was into a real discussion and debate along with the other party members.



7.) When the whole country was celebrating the Sarthak’s success, there was one person who was unhappy. Can you guess who? Let me tell you. It was “Alok Nath”. “Sanskaaro ki kami” was his emotional flaw.



8.) You know one of the major reasons behind why Alok Nath felt so much deep into his heart was that “He gave his only Ashirwaad to Sarthak Agarwal”.


9.) When everyone is in the picture, how can we forget our Rajni sir! We all were wondering that why is the market of Rajnikanth so cool these days. We were in an illusion that he is busy promoting his “Kochadaiiyaan“. But no, the real reason is disclosed now.



10.) The EPIC ONE : This mystery is still intact.


So, this was all about the most buzzing pictures and trolls over Sarthak Agarwal.

Note: This was just for laughs and gags. No personal issues. 

We all wish Sarthak Agarwal all the very best and have a successful journey ahead.



  1. hahaha lol nice post .. are itne to mere gradution ke 3 year milao to bhi na bane .. aisi bacho ki wajah se maa baap apne bacho ka jeena mushkil kar dete hai lol .. anyway just kidding :p


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