Well this is totally a self-made home recipe and it might even sound silly to some of you. But if you’re bored of eating your routined meals the same way, then my post can be of a little help to you. Read on if you’re fond of experimenting.


What are you going to need?

Boiled rice, salt, beans or pulses (cooked) or any vegetable with gravy, curd, chat masala, namkeen, chapatis.


Re-defining your already cooked meals.

1. If you’re having a meal containing only rice and vegetables.

  • Pore a good amount of boiled rice onto the plate.
  • Add the beans to it. Mix it up. However, it would be fine too if you’re having vegetable or pulses.
  • Now add curd, 4 table spoon.
  • Mix it with namkeen.
  • Add a little pint of salt or chat masala, if you wish the taste to increase finely.
  • Gently mix up the whole mixture, making sure you’re not making a paste out of it.

2. If you’ve chapatis in your meal.

  • Take beans/vegetables and mix it up with other stuff (except curd) like I’ve mentioned above.
  • Now cut the chapati in two halves.
  • Stuff up the two halves with the mixture we have, either by folding a half piece and then stuffing it or simply by stuffing the insides of the chapati.
  • Do not over stuff the half pieces, it may cause the mixture to fall out.
  • You can heat up the open side a bit with a paste of floor so that the mixture doesn’t fall out of your stuffed half chapatis.

This recipe doesn’t even necessarily requires you to cook. It’s a safe yet easily made kind of thing. The recipe was the most tasty when it was tried with the rajma beans and aalu bhujiya. Make sure you pour the water out of curd before mixing it with other ingredients ’cause it will only make a distasteful paste and I’m sure we don’t wanna have that!

I often try redefining my meals this way and yes! it does sound a bit weird and silly. But it sure has made my meals less boring and more enjoying. Did I forget to mention, Tastier, too!


    • Hey Dharita! The chirpy and bubbly girl! Glad to receive your comment.
      Haha! I’m glad you tried this recipe. LOL, I was afraid that no one is gonna take the Risk!!
      Thanks for the feedback girl!
      Love and hugs! :)

      Stay happy and healthy!

      Shivani Sharma.

      • Hey Shivani,
        Thanks for your sweet compliment first of all :) .Secondly thanks for sharing the recipe because your recipe forced this lazybones to enter the kitchen and cook something for parents, otherwise i don’t even like to get morning coffee even on my own.

        Keep Sharing Your Delicious Recipe. I will definitely try all.


  1. oh i really like the chapati wraps :-D you mentioned here……
    those are awesome and ya aloo bhujiya enhanced the taste very much


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