“Never wash your dirty linen in public”

At times life lets us down all our hopes are shattered. Our goals seem to be blemish and quite unrealistic.

You are actually unaware whom to blame your fate or your hardwork. You had burnt the midnight oil to make the ends meet yet there you are with apparently nothing. The fruits of your hardwork are sour and of no use. What do you do in such cases?

Well, in most of the cases for girls you will cry yourself to bed but what about guys? They are men and they aren’t allowed to cry, so they either digest their grief with liquor or smoke out the bitterness of the sorrow with a cigarette or a joint of marijuana depending on the weight of the grief on the heart.

But at times the pain is too much to bear you just can’t get over it. You feel you need more sympathy from people and so this leads to posting it on social networking sites, it seems you take the question “what’s on your mind too seriously and twitter is your new diary.

Yes! indeed if you are good looking and beautiful you will receive sympathies people will tell you try harder or maybe blame your luck. You post your problems to the world just for a few words. Isn’t it really weird.

Why share what you are going through with the world. Better spend an evening with an intimate friend or a teacher whom you look forward to he will atleast give you a vision along with the sympathy for which you cry over on social media.

There are always two types people those who actually have sympathies for you and those who take your grief as a weapon to haunt and taunt you next time you meet them. So what they’ll is do is next time when you meet them the will talk on that particular topic and at that moment the words will prick you adding a dose of grief in to your already messed life.

At a tender age you fail and exam or your first startup has failed and you feel devastated as if you own all the problems in the world and you are a failure then you are totally wrong. Actually there’s nothing like failure it’s just a phase of life which has taught you something. You’ve learnt a lesson and indeed you will be more careful next time.

Not feeling low and sad is actually quite philosophical when your aspirations fails it hurts down there and its true you can’t get over it so easily but again its useless crying over spilt milk we should rather be thinking of fetching a sponge to soak it from the ground. So think of alternatives and give some time to yourself lock yourself alone in a room. Lie on the bed open your eyes wide open and ask yourself what went wrong. You can fool the world but not your conscience. If you feel you went astray try to rectify it. In case you were on the right track but something else went wrong you know that it was a bad day not a bad life.

Its all right to fail and not succeed you have to accept this fact. Life is termed as a rollercoaster ride you have to hold yourself and face it with eyes open to experience it. There people in this world who have tried all their lives to do something and yet achieved minimal but what they have achieved is the patience and a lesson never lose hope. Crying out your grief to the world will do nothing rather than making you more morose. Agreed grief lessens by sharing but it doesn’t mean you cry it out to the world.

Never cry your grief in public it gives people a chance to judge you. We live in a universe which is judgemental and a person is judged by his words rather than his works. So next time you feel low remember three Gurumantras :

1)      Give yourself time. Sit back and think. Be true to yourself.

2)      If needed share with an intimate friend. Seek his advice. He may not be right but hearing is no harm.

3)      Don’t and please don’t cry your problems out to the whole world. Social network is an interactive platform don’t turn it into a emotional hub.





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