Today’s evening, the evening of Uttarayan 2014 was one of the best evenings of the year. The evening which made me realize so many things, the evening which compiled so many good memories, the evening which made me determined and firm of who I am, why I am and what I am.

The evening where I met “ME”.

Well, the two days long festival ended with so many hopes, smiles and expectations in this New Year. When the evening time came, the AHMEDABAD – un-arguably the most admired and one of the best cities was full with the hot air balloons in the sky. While watching this mesmerizing and adorable beauty lying right before my eyes I thought, thought about me, thought about who I am, where I am and what I am for. This was the evening where the sky was not lightening only with balloons but there were millions of innocent wishes, hopes, expectations and wills to get fulfilled not by God but by people’s efforts, try and perseverance. Even the God might have been smiling watching such an integrated thrust of positivity and encouraging hearts of mankind. These lanterns were a signal, a signal to God that “Look at us God, we the fun loving people are enjoying underneath your blessings”.

It was like a thanks giving to God for what happiness he has bestowed us all with.

The evening which taught me 3 basic lessons of my life:

1.)    NEVER LOOSE YOUR PASSIONS: When I was admiring those floating lights trying to touch the infinite limits of the sky, my conscience was shaken suddenly and was taken aback to a point where I used to talk about passions, the will power, positivity and all the philosophies. I was actually slapped by a reality that “Hey girl…where are you? What are you doing? ” and I was realized with a fact that “NEVER LOOSE YOUR PASSIONS”. Passions are the food which gives energy to a “SELF”, to a living entity. They are like the thrust to your life when you are “NOTHING”. If you’ll stop taking this nutrition for your life, you’ll eventually die.

2.)    FIGHT FOR TRUTH: This is the most simple, yet the most difficult path to success. There are millions of people who know the truth, who even start to fight for truth but somewhere they loose the grip, the grip over that “WHAT IS RIGHT?”. You can only withstand a fight for truth when you are determined, when you are firm, when you are strong and when you believe in yourself that yes, you can make this thing possible. Many of the people are scared, scared to defend a wrong. My question is to all those cowards or scared people who are taken aback by a single failure that Will you be able to face yourself standing before a mirror? Will you ever be able to talk to your inner-self? Will you be able to make people trust on you? To leave the race by falling once is a sign of coward. To leave the hand of truth is no less than cheating your own-self.

3.)    WHERE THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY: Do you know there is a very thin peripheral boundary lying between WILL and WISH? If not, then here I go. When you wish for something, it hardly matters to you if the wish or demand of yours is not fulfilled. But if you have a will, then even a minute modification or unexpected move will leave you into shock and grief. When you are doing something willingly, it means you are dedicating your cent percent into that particular thing. When you wish for something and achieve it, it is called success. But, when you will to achieve something than your achievement becomes an excellence. “Wills” are a bunch of milestones which help you develop with each accomplishment. There are so many things in life you are willing to achieve but always end up excusing that “I am willing to do this thing, but unfortunately I don’t have any way to move upon.” To this excuse I would like to quote

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

So, remember one thing, that when one door gets closed for you, there are several others which are still open. What you all need is to have the courage to “TRY”, a try for what you really want. When you have a will, you have a cause and when you have a cause-you have a reason.

So, that is all I want to wind up here after enjoying such a beautiful evening admiring the smitten beauty created by we people, the people whose hearts have got the burning desires to accomplish in this “ALIVE CITY – AHMEDABAD”.

You can share your story of how you felt after enjoying this evening of Uttarayan-2014.



  1. Hey Charmie,
    This post inspired me a lot! Thanks for sharing a great experience! I would like to read more from you!

    Sagar Rajput


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