Ever seen them? Ever touched their soft skin? Ever giggled at their innocent looks and wondered at the clever moves they make, ehh?

A toddler is just so straight forward with the way he/she expresses emotions. Clear like a river and pure like a girl who has an untouched soul. Babies, in their true sense, are the most pure souls on the Earth; they haven’t been touched by the worldly affairs and this world’s cruel deeds. They are far from the vicious humanly deeds and talks and thus have a pure incentive at heart.


When a baby’s imagination shoots up the sky

They never cheat or mislead anyone, their eyes speak of the truth even if their lips have not yet learnt how to move. Their soft yet tender movements speak of their oh-so-busy-life, haha, like they do not care about the world, like they are drawing a sketch of a tiny elephant in the air who laughs when scratched at the belly, like they know the most vicious and hidden secrets of the world and when they stay awake at night and look blankly at the top ceiling, they are making up plans to gather an army of the toddlers, climb up the walls of a dungeon or something and unleash the secrets that the castle that lies beneath, offers; while all this while the world thinks of them as tiny humans who ain’t capable of doing a thing on their own, least think of invading a dungeon. *chuckles* I can’t stop but laugh at the fact, how the world underestimates them. They’re wise beings, beware!


Grown-ups and Babies: Who’re more immature?

How would you, if I ask, feel if you were in the front of a mirror and a baby on the other, reflecting your early days on this earth?

If one makes a comparison between the grown ups and the babies, they can go as long as making a million reason list including how unreasonable, immature, irritating, clingy they’re. But so are grown ups. The major difference doesn’t lay in their behavior but in the purity of their souls.

The watch-glass paradigm

Take a watch glass filled with soil. See the pace at which the soil gets out of the watch glass; at first it’d look filled with soil completely but as the time progresses the glass gets emptier with the tickety-tock of the clock. And there comes a point of time when its all empty and left with air like a gas balloon which can diffuse at any moment now, even by the touch of a sharp yet small needle.

Lets now refer the watch-glass as to a human being’s soul and the level of soil inside it would depict the level of pureness of the soul of that worldly being. The point where you see the glass completely filled with soil represents the heart of a baby, which has the most pure soul. While the watch glass getting emptier with the pace of time and ultimately getting entirely empty represents the soul of a grown up. Their soul keeps descending with time; it keeps bleeding in response to the dirty deeds that human beings make in life and there comes a point when it is all dried, withered and dead. *The level of the purity of soul goes down to…!* How can you define the purity of a soul when its not alive anymore?


A baby follows the heart’s instincts

A toddler’s heart belongs to the safe abodes of god, the fullness of a watch-glass and the laughter of the nature. A toddler doesn’t know how to lie, cheat or deceive. Yes! they are that innocent. Two people in love have the same purity as a toddler’s soul. Being honest with their actions seems like a natural state of mind to a toddler. It’s like their emotions came out pouring from their heart, with no restrictions bounding them to act differ. They can make the most beautiful gestures and the wisest decisions following their heart’s instincts that flows like a river with no rocks acting as obstacles.

So the next time you happen to meet a toddler, don’t mistake them to be just a baby. They’re so much more than that, I tell you. *winks*


Image credits: Rebecca Angela, Kemp Photography and Graphic Art.


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