I don’t know what am I supposed to write here, I don’t know how to get you in the mood. But hey! I aspire to be an entrepreneur and trying is something I don’t refrain from.

I know some of you won’t accept it, we all had a high school crush. That sweet little beauty sitting on the other side of the classroom, and you, always unsure whether the other side feels the same way. We all have been through this phase in life and if you haven’t; you, my friend are the king of nerds, cheers for that!

It is later in life that we realise that whatever it was, it was nothing more than “just something”. Whatever happened that time, though you are over it now it still resides in the love section of your brain (If it actually exists). Alone you are now and thinking about those days, those days full of that feeling.

Today those days,
Just a memory my mind says,
My heart calls it life,
I can give anything for that instantaneous smile.

I try to forget all,
But the reminiscing can’t stop.
The warmth, that shine,
Can’t be given up,
It’s way too fine.

It all started with a look,
One which never seemed to end.
Destiny was full with hatred,
We went our separate ways.

I know we will meet again someday,
Different place, changed face.
You would have moved on,
Filled with pride,
Of the battles you had won.

I don’t know where I am,
Dying to have a gaze.
Today those days,
Are just a memory my heart says.

One last thing, the credits go to my friend Ansha Sehgal, a great poet herself (not a shitty one like me :p). I was there with only the first stanza, she read it and wrote the second one and actually appreciated my amatuerly shitty writing. If she wouldn’t have done that, It would still be that one stanza lying in my evernote.


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