I am writing this note
to my life till the day
I find if it was really borrowed,
4 sure I’m gonna hide my sorrow
if I find it to be really borrowed,
I want to go away for a while,
To try to keep my feelings at bay,
But I know deep in my heart,
That life just doesn’t work that way.

My heard bursts in pain
when those maniacs get on my nerves,
Ahh! I know now. Pleasure is not
what life always serves.
There are pains & sorrows
and sorrows & pain,
which always try to
drive me insane.

“Get me out of here!”
This is what I always say when am tired of living this way,

I bow my head in dismay,
And wait patiently for another day,
But it seems the other day, is no better than yesterday.
It turns out to be the same,
Oh life!, I don’t wanna play this game.. ever again.


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