Good morning world, today I woke up early in the morning with my same  routine having nothing to do.  Like everyday I had a habit of using whats app in morning to check my texts where I found one status stating that “Train your mind to be positive in every situation”. At an lightning speed I got a thought to write this article about positiveness and achieving our goals.

To begin this article i just wanted to share a quote by OPRAH WINFREY,

“The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change his future by merely changing his attitude.”

For every human being it is necessary to be positive person because without having this quality. no one can achieve anything in their life. Every human being in their short life span will face situations in which they feel that he/she have lost everything and have no option about what he should do. Its a moment in which they feel that he/she about what he/she must do next.  At that time we get the feeling that we are a loser and cant cope up with the world.  There are many examples where people commit suicide after losing by themselves. But instead of thinking  all this negative crap we should think in a positive way. There is nothing in the world that a human can’t  achieve. Your attitude should indicate that you can do it and you will make it for sure.   Sometimes condition arrives where we have to do something which is not possible by anyone or no one have did it ever,but if we have a positive attitude and our goals are big then anybody can achieve anything  they want which creates history. This things can be seen in many personalities like our scientists who had nothing but vision and a strong goal. But keep in mind that just setting goals and strong visions is not sufficient.  To achieve something hard work is necessary. Hard work with strong determination and positive attitude will play a major role to become a successful person in life. If we  digest these qualities nicely we will surely be successful in our life. Do keep this thing in mind that while doing this he/she can get a quality of EGO which is highly negative quality which ruins whole success.   To avoid this, think that there are many others who can do this and you are not only the one.

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