It’s very well said that “Charity begins from home”, isn’t it? So true ….. But what if I replace the term Charity with Happiness, it sets into the quote, right? Yes of-course. “Happiness Begins from home”.

So today my motive is to render an idea about this. To be frank I am not a philosopher but yea I am just sketching here a portrait of happiness within my vision.

But before I commence my writing I would like you three questions to yourself.

Do you know yourself?

Do you spend time brainstorming your neuron system?

Do you spend time with your SELF?

If you have analyzed the above questions and if the answer is NO, partially yes then you may proceed with the read. If your answer is YES then my question to you is “Are you happy?”

So let me begin to expand the ideas and interrogations mentioned above.


“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

How far this quote holds true for us? Well, our day starts with 7 a.m. in the morning. We clean ourselves up, get our breakfast with a cup of tea or coffee, reading some regular breaking news, also  about the price hikes in the fuel, corruption, government scams, poor judicial systems, educational development, film stars hot buzz and many more. Consequently the bear-ish and bull-ish statistics of share-market increases our heartbeats and blood-pressure simultaneously. So it is directly proportional to our heartbeats. :P We head straight away to office with our laptops and work. Chasing the time, competing with traffic we somehow manage to reach office on time. We work all day long looking at our deadlines written on sticky notes of office table. We get back to home, hog our dinner like a duck, finish some unfinished office work and go to sleep. Oh so are you still reading….great than you might have noticed that the day ended…!!

Throughout the day we did nothing else except running. Remember one thing that there is no peace in a RUN because we are running after such materialistic things overseeing the real needs which are satisfaction, happiness and comfort. I mean we search for happiness in our I-phone, a disco party, a lavish dinner, our swift desire, branded clothes but at the end of the day do we really have the feeling of contend?

Have we or do we even constitute single effort to know that why are we doing this all for? What is the thing behind which we are running? No we don’t. Working in this manner i.e. clueless of the term “WHY”, leaves no space of difference between humans and robots. Remember we are humans and not just mere machines that work for all day long and charge our batteries whole night by getting 7 hours of sleep.

Well you might me thinking that what Charmie is talking all about, of-course “we are doing such hard work for the sake of money and comfort”. But in reality this is an illusion in which we are living our so called good and comfortable lives. Factually are not aware of the thing that “Running for comfort and happiness and an enjoyable life is actually pushing you away from the current happiness.” And this makes no point or logic that sacrificing the current happiness for the sake of an unpredictable and fascinated future having happiness. It’s like fooling our own-selves.

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

If you are into search of happiness then why you don’t first establish your own-self. If you are in a Heisenberg’s electronic state which is actually nothing else but “uncertain” then you need to first make yourself determined. Try to analyze your motives and intentions. Find out the loopholes for improvisation. Analyse black-holes which are smattering you away from your happiness into an “undefined black” state. Try to control your psychological flows i.e. at times we have a habit to get carried away in any flow which may be in the form of people, things, moments, visions, thinking etc. Scrutinize everyday that is “what you did to make yourself happy?”. Even donkeys do hard work to live their life but we are HUMANS. I guess the previous statement need not require any elaboration. Fetch the light within you and your whole life will be illuminated in a single moment. Try to rewrite your story of dreams. Bring modifications into your way of living. Try to live for your passion and you will find enjoying yourself rather than working hard. Let me give you an example that “If you are football lover and if you’ll be asked to play for 3 hours in your office time you’ll play it with passion and interest and you’ll enjoy like anything. But when asked to play tennis which you hate it like anything then it will be a work infact.” Live in the present moment, enjoy it to the fullest because the past has gone and future is yet to unfold its beautiful colours. Believe in the beauty you possess as a soul. Appreciate yourself, your belongings, your style, your likes and your passions. Start loving yourself. And as we all know that one can’t give happiness to others when he/she is lacking with the same thing. Sometimes it’s really important for us to do things which make us happy, profits must always not be the only motive. Happiness is not confined to gadgets or merely a lavish life. Happiness has got no boundaries, it just comes.

Finding happiness without finding yourself first is like answering to the questions which you don’t know only.

Well, now I would like to conclude myself by saying that “Stop thinking, start acting”. Sometimes its good not to know answers of every interrogation. One of the reason I love Nike Sports is because of its tag line “JUST DO IT”..!! :P

So stay musical in life, stay happy. Once you will be happy with your own-self you will start enjoying your work, and the same happiness will become comfort and facility of your life.

Now I would like to hand over this to you. Kindly share your philosophy to live a happy life. :)



  1. Happiness is something which we need to find within us itself…Amazing article and especially the topic….Keep on writing and keep making people happy Charmi…


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