Seriously? I mean are you kidding me that you don’t have even a single reason to celebrate? Or you are excusing me by saying that I have reasons but not a hard-core motive to celebrate?

If so, then have one and if you can’t I’ll at-least give you one reason by the time you finish reading this piece of writing. Because I have got millions of reasons of why I must celebrate this very right moment? Is it because everyone else is celebrating? Is it because your friends asked to? No, definitely not. Its because “You want to celebrate it”. It is because you ought to be equally “cheerful and happy” to cherish and learn from the past and to welcome the future.

Do you think I am just making a “verdict” or I am just trying to motivate you by my words or making you feel something which is equivalent to a “fairy dust”? No! And if you feel so you are free to leave my stupid article right there and never come back again.

These are the reasons of why you must celebrate:

1. Friends and Family

Isn’t it a talk of commonsense? I know it is. But the problem is that you are considering it just “a mere talk” instead of realizing how far the craziness can go up-to if you have these “guys” with you. I mean tell me frankly that is there any F**king happiness which can beat “the happiness of pulling your friend’s leg, teasing him/her with a girl/guy the whole college hates the most”? Of-course not. They are the only partners in your crime.

2. The cliff hangers of TV seasons are waiting for you


If I talk about myself then I am literally waiting for this year 2014 to end as fast as it could, reason being that the cliff hanger of “How to Get Away With Murders” is like killing me to the core. January is the month from where the episodes are going to get continued. Being under such cliff-hangers is dangerous and scary at times. They kill you and drive you nasty because you get frenzied by the fact that you still have no clue of what, when and how things are going to turn out in those seasons. There are so many such awesome TV seasons waiting just for you guys. Do you even realize how important it is to enjoy such TV shows and seasons. I very well know the essence of enjoying that “legendary” Barney Stinson, that freaking guy having an IQ = 187 known as “Sheldon Cooper” and that brutally calculative and distinctive mind of a detective named “Sherlock Holmes”. Trust me they drive you crazy. I know this because I am under the same storm of mixed yet adventurous feelings.

3. The Hollywood is coming up with some really awesome stuffs


February is considered to be one of the most convincing month to check out the best of Hollywood. So, do you mind watching them with those cheesy popcorns and a coke? Celebrate this moment so that you can enjoy the upcoming ones which are filled with all the colours of life. You are going to celebrate because you are going to be gifted with movies like “Fast and Furious 7”(God! You must check out the trailer), Dan Brown’s best seller novel “Inferno” is going to shape itself with the same captivating and addictive character “Professor Robert Langdon” and many more. Trust me; the year 2015 is going to be full of hysterical moments in the world of “Lights-Camera-Action”.

4. Celebrate because you are living in the laps of Google, Facebook and Whatsapp


Do you even realize what can happen to their businesses if you’ll stop posting those awesome check-ins and updates from your end, enjoying these moments of welcoming a new year. I am pretty much sure you won’t ruin their business by “not doing” so, isn’t it? :P Jokes apart, you must consider yourselves to be one of those lucky a**es who got a chance to rule over anyone, at any point of time, make your neighbors jealous and what not through just a simple update. What more fun it can be to see that “sarcastic expressions” on your rival’s face, finding out that you just got a new “iPhone 6 Plus” or say “HTC One Plus”.

5. Because you are here on this earth with some purpose


Is this statement over-coated with a highly philosophical meaning? Okay, then let me put it through, in some different way. Do you really think that our “Mr. Creator” or say “God” is not freaked out with the work he has got to do, with the schedules he is supposed to follow? Of-course he is going around crazy too managing the births of millions of babies, implanting the DNA produced out of billions of permutations and combinations. I mean look at those counts, they are in freaking millions, billions or probably in trillions. Don’t they scare you until it’s not about money (that too on such a high scale)? It does, right? And if he is still doing this job, then definitely there is “nerve-breaking” and a lunatic reason to give you birth in the form of a “human”. You might be the next “Michael Angelo” to sculpt another “David”, you might turn out to be the next version of the magical queen “J.K. Rowling” or you might be that next “Wolf of Wall Street” playing around with the most dynamic markets of all time dealing with new stocks everyday. You are here to glean out that purpose from “within you”.

6. Pizzas and burgers are going to die without you


On what account you thought that you can’t celebrate this moment right now? Mahn! You live in the world of the Gen-Next and instant food. How can you miss cherishing those “oozing out” liquefied cheese from the pizza, sipping out of your hands and mouth, munching those crispy veggies which are present over that soft bread and enjoying the tinge of strong aroma of a herb known as “oregano”. How dare you thought of not celebrating your “NOW” without those cheesy Mac-Veggies and Hamburgers? You can’t! Right? Thank God you said “YES, I can’t!”, otherwise I would have died out of shock.

7. Shopping, Shopping and Shopping


With each new day there are loads of coupons and tempting discount vouchers in our mail accounts. It is to shop like a maniac over those overloaded e-commercial web portals. It is like we have almost forgotten to buy from shops. Those discount vouchers are waiting for you to go and grab them. Amazon, Flipkart and Jabong are waiting for you to go there, buy hell-lot-of things and make the best use of their vouchers to celebrate this awesome moment, this awesome life and ofcourse “The awesome YOU”.

8. The world is too big to make enemies


I have seen people freaking out, complaining about “not having friends”. Is that is the case, solution is too simple. Get the hell out of your cozy beds and homes to warm up yourselves by participating in the celebrations which are endless. You can’t expect the world to walk down through the alley and knock up at your doors asking “Would you like to be my friend?” It’s a scary imagination, I know! So better stop imagining and start acting. Act to move out and approach the world which is waiting just for you with their arms wide open. Just go and embrace them.

9. Are you still clue-less to celebrate?

If it is a yes, then I am going to shoot you by some very crazy and ground-breaking reasons to celebrate. You must celebrate because you have got those two beautiful eyes with which you are reading this article (and probably thinking over it too :P ), because you have a family to live with, because you have awesome friends with whom you can share your moments, because you are “alive”, because you are breathing right now, because you have no clue of “what plans” life have got for you, because you have no idea of what awaits you in your future. Are they enough reasons? Yes? Then, what are you waiting for? Go and have a Bash!

10. Because you own the world through internet

network cables connected to switch

Till now you might be finding me to be a nuts because of the reasons I have just incepted over my blog, and trust me “I am”! I know, I know, imagining the life without internet is almost like having sucked out oxygen out of our lives. Our survival would have been doomed if incase internet goes down even by a single day. I mean those words and so do you. Celebrate this era, the era which gifted you with the best inventions of all time i.e. communication through the power of internet. Celebrate this “Space-Age” technology known as “Internet”, the technology which has created fortunes for millions like you and me, the technology which made communications so easy and enjoyable.

Are you searching for the 11th reason? Aren’t the above mentioned ones enough to understand a simple message “Be Happy and Celebrate for what you have right now!” All I wanted to tell you is that don’t let any kind of loneliness grab a chance to dismantle you or demotivate you. You were not created out of a circumstance but out of purpose. You are supposed to create a circumstance and lead your life the way you want and not vice-versa. You are the only one who can make it happen. You are the only one, the one whose beliefs can act as a magic wand and change the worst situations of life in the wink of an eye, the will-power to sprinkle that fairy dust in your own lives and make the things work out for you.

“The only thing standing between you and 
your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling
yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

– Jordan Belfort

By this quote, I am signing off and winding my 2014 with all the great memories and learning from everything and everyone I have encountered till date.

With the hope to find you more positive, energetic and a better person the following morning of 2015.

With the hope to build a better human fraternity tomorrow.

May the dawn of 2015 enlighten your lives with all the joy and prosperity.

Wishing all of you a very happy new year.

God Bless you!


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