Why is it so that this 14th February has been more of a “HYPE” than of a day. Why is that so that each and every status is surrounded and confined to a love existing just between a boy and a girl?

Common guys, look yourself into the mirror and ask your own-self that do you love me? Would you like to spend the entire life with me? Will you be that support and care for the entire life? Can I get a chance to spend my each moment of joy, pride and sadness with you?

How many of us have today confessed their love to their parents? How many of you bought the chocolates for your friends and family? How many of you bought that red roses and said “I LOVE YOU” to that two person in your life who are the creator of you, your “MOM and DAD”?

How many of you have spreaded the love by visiting those orphanages where children are waiting for someone to be a part of their love?

How many of us have committed the love for our own country today?

You might right now be feeling strange and a bit hurted by my questions, but can you really turn your face away from these burning questions? Is love confined to flowers and chocolates to a girl or a boy?

We expect easily someone to love us without even giving a thought about whether we are spreading that love to the world or not. When you can’t give, you can’t receive, simple as that. It is very simple that “Without any action, you can’t expect any reaction.”

Okay fine, I don’t doubt a fact that this is a day to signify something called “LOVE” existing in this world with which we all are bound by and definitely we must celebrate this beautiful moment. But is that all? We are human-beings, not restricted to any time or date domains. Isn’t it?

Today I just came online on the social media and oh my God….there was more of the negativity than of positive love on every one’s wall. Each and every status was directly or indirectly imposing a monotonous projection that “Huh….I am still single” so “Happy another Friday”. I mean in any sense it doesn’t prove that you are an unhappy single person but proves that sarcastic glitch and the disrespect towards what you already have in your lives. How can you ignore your own-self on such a big day? When you can’t respect or love yourself, how can you expect others to love you? How can you give respect to others when you can’t do the same for yourself? Do you even realize that how many people might have been following your foot-steps? Can you imagine how many lives can depend upon your path to success? Do you think it is really worth to break those expectations by pucking just the negative things out?

I have seen the hype of 14th February and it’s the day on which “ARCHIES” and “HALL-MARK” stores earns the most. The traffic and rush to such stores is as equivalent as the traffic seen on particular blogs at particular moment of time.

I do not understand why it is so necessary to have a boy-friend or girl-friend in our lives. I mean which law says that you can only enjoy a valentine with a boy or a girl only. It’s a day of love and so spread it to every possible life you are woven around with. Just walk out of your house, have a talk with that aunt living exactly on the very next door from your house, just play with the small kids living around you, buy some chocolates and distribute to the kids living around your place. Go to an old age home with a beautiful cake and a heart filled with love, sit in between those senior hearts and know about the adventures of their lives, share the wisdom with them, make them feel the love on this divine day. Is it so difficult to do? Go to probably every cross-road and gift every traffic police with a red rose and a chocolate thanking them for their dedicated civil service they are providing to we people. Take your parents for watching a movie. Just do as many things you can to make this day the best one.

Why is it necessary to always find love outside, you can even peep into your own conscience?  Why can’t you generate love from within? You can but you do not want to because that requires a real hard work, because the most difficult thing to do in the world is to synchronize and walk along with your own self.

So, my motive for writing this article is very simple that spread love irrespective of all boundaries, boundaries of people, thoughts, age, color, caste, creed, religion or any other barriers.

Spread the love and get the love.

Have a happy and healthy life ahead.

Cheers to all of your beautiful smiles.


  1. Charmie,

    I love ya ;) Because love is respect, it is appreciation for all living things, a bond with One-ness..not some sappiness, and certainly not the anger that single people show….angry people who do not love themselves…so yep, love your views here.

    My parents would give me Valentine’s gifts and cards as a kid. They knew what love is.



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