(A time arises when you feel you did what you can; now everything is up to him.)

A time arises when you sometimes feel what’s the use? You have step on the holy soil with some motive to give, or take from each other. After your duty over, it’s his decision and he calls up .

Oops! Do I mentioned word ‘his’? I don’t know whether it is, he/she or do exists. ( I don’t know, I never saw him, all I know about him/her is the legends I’ve heard from my grandmother and mother, so based on my beliefs and my wide vision I will use the word ‘his’ over here, to make a sense. Yeah where were we? Okay!.

I usually ask myself, and sometimes watch the sky and scream in my heart, what’s the reason of people’s existence, living / non living. The motto is clear depending on karma? Or the luck, and the old age thoughts of having 7 lives? Known well as ‘SAT-JANAM’ what kind of truth is about?

And a question then arises, which is impossible to answer by you and me or by others, what’s the life after death? Or it’s the End…! Some say, there is a life beyond and above the era and world in which we exist, some say depend on your sins, what’s the exact motto behind this? (Include: For me life after death doesn’t matter because I don’t know anything about it, but right now the most important thing is not life after death, its life before your death. The only difference I can think of between life before death and life after death is that when you’re alive if you fall you’ll bleed, if you get hurt you’ll cry, but after death no blood, no pain. But still that’s what think, it’s not the truth. What’s truth?

What makes you alive is not your flesh, your body, your heart, it’s your soul. – Quote

Life is something that can never be lived twice. Every foolish act you do will end, every tear you shed will dry up and as your story begins with the time it moves forward to its end, and we like to call that end death. But remember every end is a new beginning and every new beginning will eventually face the end.

Life is the time that can never be rewound.   – Quote

Life is a beautiful span, which end up at any time, but is always different span for everyone, a person dies in her mom’s womb, were some live for more than hundred years, you kind of think some day what’s the reason?

Even getting 2 hands, legs, eye, one nose, yet each person differs from another in some or another manner…

When I think such, I am totally screwed from my mind, and body, I again ask god, why don’t you take me to your place, I want to pass my life to do service for you., then  too my thinking won’t go true, do it ? ., I get a silent answer from him, that I have to do my job which isn’t yet complete, yet he never tells me when and what will be my last job on this soil. Even sometimes many things occur in your life when you blame him, say that why you have done this with me, and why only me? A stupid question of today’s Era, I m sure he must be laughing hearing such! Because he knows these are the deeds for the sins you have done.

I know such questions and saying may put you in deep thought, but if you get the real meaning of ‘Life’ out of this, you won’t be sad ever in life. You would even trust god more! Oops him again: P

Then you will have a silent talk with him, in every phase of your life.

I think this read, would arise a bit change in your life, and make you strong to live a beautiful life.  :)


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