A very simple four letter word. Or is it not?

Life is never fair or perfect. We all have to go through different phases of life. We all suffer pain, sadness, loneliness, failures, happiness, unconditional love and success at one point or another during lifetime. No person is problem free in this world. The only thing that varies is the level of intensity. Problems and imperfections are a part of living. There’s no value of heights without the valleys.

Then how to live a satisfied life? Well..it differs for everyone. Each person has their own needs and dreams. But hope and perception plays a key role in that. An incident such as losing a job might be seen as an opportunity to seek for a better one. If you fail at your dream, that’s okay. If you suffer heartbreak, life’s not over! It’s completely okay to take time and lick your wounds. But it should not stop you from looking for a better future. You gotta accept it, learn from it and keep moving forward. Regrets don’t mean you failed but, you know deep in your heart that you could do far better. And that’s very important. To know your real self, your limitless boundaries.

Life is about making a perfect world out of imperfections and being happy. You will definitely be having a set of problems, but would you waste your life by just cribbing and solving your problems? It may range to anything from smallest things like aspiring for iPhone 6 even though you have 5…. to biggest things like failing at your dream. We always crave for more. There’s nothing wrong for being always hungry. After all, humans are never satisfied, and that’s what makes us discover our hidden potentials. But, that doesn’t mean you should not appreciate and enjoy what’s in your hands. Most people fail at this. They just crave for more without embracing what they’ve got. That’s the recipe of failure. Failure at living a worthy life.

Have you ever given a thought over the fact that “Do you LIVE or BREATHE?“.

So to the people of a small planet in Milky Way, enjoy your life NO MATTER WHAT. You should have heartbreaks to remind how you coped the worst, worst failures to appreciate the smallest of successes, wrong decisions to know how fool a person could be and have memories to laugh at in old age…


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