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Remember those days when you were a kid, you just finished watching a F1 race and you wanted to be a racer.

You just saw a cricket match and you wanted to be a cricketer.

You just saw a patriotic movie and you wanted to join the Army.

I loved those days.

And the best part about it was that within those few moments you just decided what are you going to do in your life and passionately you started to think about it.

When you thought about making your career as a F1 racer when you were a kid you didn’t knew how much he is paid, how many girls does he know or what are the perks that the sponsors give.

Now when you are grown up you have changed, you are with more doubt.

You wish to do something, you first think about what is going to happen, what will you do? What if it fails? What can I do if I succeed?

And believe me or not that dream or say the wish just gets buried under these thoughts.

It’s been a long time that words are directly coming from that small pump of tissues on my left which we fondly call heart. This poem is all about making your dreams a reality and working for it without thinking about anything else because as it is said, “everything else is secondary”.

I have just found a poet in me,

Not as skilled as the legends,

But with a dream to make it big one day.


With a wish to write a master piece,

To change the world with words.

Enter the soul of nature,

With no tools than my pen.


I begin my journey with no map,

Wishing to be rolled in the golden wrap,

Don’t know if life will be so generous.


My heart knows the way,

I have to just follow the directions,

Without asking where it will lead,

I’ll get to know,

When I make it big someday.


People call me a dreamer,

To be honest, I am, a big one,

Because I wish to make it big someday,

And all because,

I have just found a poet in me.

Feeling motivated, now don’t waste the next second leaving your comments here. I know how you might be feeling. Just head to your workplace now and start on with your dream project.

Wishing you luck, just make it big one day.

And before I sign off, remember, you are still creative; you are just with more doubt.


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