Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure… than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat.
– Theodore Roosevelt

It would be foolish to pen down or claim a statement stating “I have never failed in my life to be successful.” It’s like claiming to have born without getting the warmth of a mother’s womb for about 9 months. We all go through this phase of never ending failures while moving in the path of failures. It is the process in which you filter yourself and your ways in achieving milestones. It acts as an interface between you and your success. It will prompt you everytime when you do something wrong or try to make a wrong move. Failures are like the error messages which occur whenever you do something wrong. Failures are like validations to your life which gets called whenever you make any wrong entry.

Say for example : Whenever you try to write your cell phone number in a textfield which has only 9 digits, it’ll prompt you instantly asking you to change your way to make a lead. Failures are like the doorway to success. When occurred, if you don’t open that door you’ll never be able to explore your way ahead. Your discovery stops the moment you stop trying and backoff.

Failures are nothing but a perspective driven approach for what you really want. No two person can perceive failures in the same way. It varies from person to person because even failures, their types and their intensity varies with each psychology. Now, what I mentioned in the above paragraph was my perception. That was just a single way in which failure can be perceived but it was my personal way to perceive. You may uphold a different approach in dealing your failures.

Bingo! Now you can atleast help yourself in defining what are failures for you. Now what are the ways you can eradicate this never-ending occurrences called “Failures”. There can be 2 possible ways:

1.)    Prevention is better than cure

2.)    Cure once it occurs

Now in my above line I said that there are two “possible” solutions and not “feasible” solutions to this interrogation. The first one is more of an impractical situation than of a possibility because you can’t predict. The other way is when you actually are faced by a failure and are waiting to take a decision to make it right.

Failures help you to put it into that radical action.

#Failure – Nothing is free in this world:

The world and the universe follow a simple process of “Give and Take”. Even Newton’s law defines that “For an every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”. Everything in the universe has a price, a price to pay. To breathe in oxygen you need to pay the price by exhaling out carbon-dioxide. For every success, you need to pay the price called failure, for every failure you need to pay the price of courage and for every courage you to pay the price of your passions. You need to have a passion to reach your destiny.

Everyone faces problems but you “Don’t Owe all the problems in the world”.


#Failure – You must be smart enough to draw that line:

Once you set off for a journey, once that you have decided to do something draw a line, a line of beliefs that help you to move forward besides any failures. Once you begun your journey you must not set any other options except “move on with a different strategy”. There is nothing called “impossible” or “stop” or “back-off”. It must be your decision and not an option.

#Failure – There is nothing called Plan B:

As I said above, there is nothing called setting back, once you have decided to set on for a voyage. There is and there can be only one plan into the existence and i.e. “Focus on your destiny and keep moving on”.

#Failure – It’s a perspective driven approach for your success:

Failures are just the same species of occurrences like that of success. Failures have their own individuality and its own importance. Once you set off you are not supposed to bind yourselves with the pre-thoughts of pros and cons. It is always about self-realization when you encounter any failures. It’s on you how you’ll deal with the failure’s positive edge. Failures are actually an optimist’s call to success. Don’t be ever scared of critics.

The reason is this:

Critics : Just a matter over mind

Down the line, I just want to say that failures are just perspective dependent. Uphold an optimistic vision when it comes to failures and you’ll be left with a blessed life.

You must decide that “You want to Live or just Breathe” in these phases of failures and success.

I would like to know your perception regarding failures.



  1. Absolutely Mind Blowing. I appreciate your ability to choose right words and craft them together to form an awesome writeup. Your philosophical thinking is quite similar to mine in many ways. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Charmie,
    I think this post is inspiring. I think many of us “pefectionists” try not to fail. The reality is that we do and that we need to remember that it is the way we learn and get better. Thank you for writing this post.

    P.S. I like the point of “No Plan B”


    • Hey Barb,
      I roger your thoughts over being a perfectionists. Failure is a learning step and people mis-understand it as a backing-off step.
      Thank you so much for your in-sights.
      Keep sharing and visiting and most importantly throwing your insights.


  3. You won’t believe this but tomorrow I have a blog post going live on this topic, but with a different spin. I don’t think I’ve failed all that often in my life. That’s because I tend to believe there’s only failure if you quit or if you hurt someone and don’t try to fix it. So many motivational speakers are obsessed with this word “failure” that they don’t take into account something Neil deGrasse Tyson said, which is the premise of my post, and this isn’t a direct quote: “Thomas Edison didn’t fail 1,000 times. He was experimenting and kept experimenting until he got it right.” That’s how I see things. :-)

    • Hy Mitch,
      I would love to read that blog post if you can provide me with the link. I agree to your point of writing over a different spin on the same topic. I have already mentioned in my title itself that its a perspective driven approach when it comes to failure so there are going to be spins into it. Yes, Thomas Edison was more of an experimenter guy who experimented different ways that came to mathematical figure of about 1000, which we call as failures. I totally agree with your point “here’s only failure if you quit or if you hurt someone and don’t try to fix it”.
      Kindly provide me with the link Mitch so that I can be more exposed to a different angle.

      Thank you so much for being here in the discussion board.

      With best regards


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