Mark the words written below in your head before you start reading this very post:

“Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave every other idea alone. This is the way to success.” – Swami Vivekananda

Wise words by an intellectual man that I’ve truly experienced and have all my faith on. I’m no philosopher. I just am an another girl but the difference is that I do believe in my dreams, no matter how unreal they might seem and I learn from my experiences no matter how much they hurt!


Ideas Grow Like a Tree!

Everyone has some dreams; some have many, some have a very few! The keys to making these dreams real are the ‘right amount of focus and patience’. Just how many examples do we have of the successful people who had big dreams, who made their passion their profession; who put the right amount of focus on it to make it grow strong; who didn’t let go of their dreams, no matter what life threw at them. The fact is the more you focus on an idea, the more it grows inside you like the roots of a developing tree; the more it holds you stronger and start developing inside of you; at one point it becomes a part of you. Like the wonderful relationship between soil and tree, it keeps spreading within you such that each part of you speaks of its underlying existence and with each passing day, you’ll feel more and more close to implementing that idea. You keep providing it the nourishment and food it needs, in the form of time, focus and acceptance. You keep nourishing it day by day by giving ‘thoughtful thinking’ to it. In return, it provides you with its leaves and fruits in the form of results and more ideas.

One can (and should) keep on experimenting with his/her ideas. It is like a ‘trial and error’ system. Sometimes you might fail or make a fool out of yourself (No big deal, seriously!) and sometimes you will succeed and feel more determinant towards implementing your idea. You might even end up finding out more things than you previously thought, that you’ve never imagined you’d.


The ‘Obstacles’

1. The Never-ending Negative Self Talks

For the times of constant failures, I’d like to tell you that in real and practical life, the number of failures literally doesn’t matter. It’s the number of times when you fell bad and got up back again that counts. Always remember that the mistakes you’ve made are past now (even if just a moment ago) and either you can choose to learn from it and develop towards achieving your dream or just constantly ruminate about it and let your dreams fade. I’d like to put it in easy words for you.

Past = Depression (Not worth your time, useless!)

Present = Happiness (Just the right moment to work towards making your life better.)

Future = Worries (Pointless as there doesn’t exist a thing called ‘certainty‘.)


2. People Talk Crap: They Really Do!

Most people often worry about ‘what people would say’ during their constant fall-offs and that’s totally a normal reaction to the feelings of depression and helplessness that one experiences when they feel like they’re not good enough, that they should have done done better and they aren’t worth a penny. Now that’s just negative self-talk and I’d encourage it even if someone has been experiencing a lot of pit falls. When I say that it’s totally a normal response, I mean to tell you that it’s okay to feel low but it shouldn’t be exaggerated to the levels where you aren’t able to function or focus on your goals.

Let me tell you one thing, people talk crap. When they have absolutely nothing to do, they find pleasure in getting a topic to gossip about. Even I used to! But ever since I’ve realized just how bad effect can it have on the person in question and on my own-self, I’ve stopped doing it. The thing is when a person is talking negative about others, it not only causes a bad effect on that very person but that negative talker end up damaging his own soul too. It’s like the more negative you think of others, the more dark and disgusting feelings grow inside of you and the more you feel negative about your own self. If you are a math or physics person, think of it as a directly proportional equation.

The Projection Theory: It’s the negativeness towards yourself that you project on others. A person does it subconsciously, not aware of the fact that he/she is doing it. That is the main and the only reason for people talking negative about others. It’s the people who take time and efforts to look deep into their subconscious, realize their true-selves.

You can choose to be wise enough to accept and change the negative aspects about yourself. It is called the art of introspecting yourself and the most successful and happy people are the ones who are the most acceptive towards their own selves. Only by doing so, you can be able to have a positive life, feel love for others and embrace all the positive things including your very own ideas.

People talking crap about you doesn’t mean that you’re an utter failure or their words are meant to be real. Stop being negative about yourself! People often tend to be pessimistic and judgmental about events like this. Trust me when I say this, they’ll even find crap to talk about you, when you become successful. They just need something to talk about, no matter whether you’re Seeta or Shuparnkha. (Apologies if it was a bad example. It was, however, in no way a comparison.) Take a writing pad, list all of your goals, make a plan. Write about negative feelings too if you want to, just don’t forget to mention just how irrational they are and how big an obstacle they can be in the path of implementing your ideas to achieve your dreams. Put a full stop on it.


Designing a Blue-print of YOUR Life!

  • The Progress Meter: First of all, make a list of your dreams and mark the ones that you feel more connected to. Now, the next step is to make a plan to make those dream come true. Set a list of goals for each week and keep noting down your progress at the end of the week. This will act as your ‘progress meter.’ It will keep reminding you of your progress. Don’t forget to pat your own back when you achieve one goal.
  • Don’t Rush: Keep this in your mind that you can’t climb the Mt. Everest in a day. Each dream of yours needs to be perfectly organized and differentiated into ideas first. One step at a time, slow and steady! Learn from your own errors and mistakes, learn from others’ mistakes as well. The environment around you have plenty of knowledge to offer in order to make a game-plan to achieve your dreams. Put aside the irrational thoughts, focus on your ideas, give it your all. I’m NOT JUST SAYING IT. It will take a lot of hard work and patience to get to the top but with real efforts, you’ll get there no matter what.
  • Give Your Ideas the Time: Spend an hour or two at least a day to work towards your ideas. It’s like having a wife or a kid who needs to be cared and looked after to ensure that it stays healthy and doesn’t goes or fades away.
  • Treat Ideas as if they’re REAL ’cause they really are: Ideas grow inside of you like a kid in a mother’s womb. It’s just that they don’t pop out and become real in just 9 months. The bigger the idea, the more time and effort it takes. They breathe too, just like us. Our time to them is their oxygen. Don’t let them die! No body is going to ask you to grow a fully developed tree in a day. Take your time and give them some time too. Treat them as if they are real, sensitive living beings which might deteriorate if you stop loving them, only then you can be sure about achieving of your dreams.
  • The ‘Journal’: Try journaling. It helps maintaining a record of your ideas. It’s a great way to outlet the negative feelings. It, of course, isn’t necessary but it sure does add a bonus point to your blue print. You can look back at it whenever you want to, when you feel like you’re loosing the track of your life or loosing the grasp on your ideas.
  • Mindfulness: It’s a breathing exercise that requires you to disconnect yourself from the conscious world and dive into your sub-conscious. It needs a lot of practice to get to a stage where you can actually implement it in real life situations (minimum 3 weeks for 20-40 minutes).Mindfulness not only helps you to handle your low times positively but also provides you with the ability to focus and concentrate more on your ideas and the positive aspects of your life. It helps to boost your self-confidence too. It’s like a tree that gives and gives and never asks for anything in return.
  • ‘Print’ the Blue-print: Now that you’re done making up a plan, make a flow chart out of it and paste it on your wall where you can see it easily. Make sure you look at it every alternate day, if not daily. Make it your choice, your goal, your desire, your ‘life mantra’. Let the blue-print be you, let yourself be the blue-print; see, you just now yourself designed the blue-print of your life.
    Also, print a mindfulness quote along with it which you feel the most connected to and you think, can help achieve your dreams or fit in your game plan. Paste it on your wall, right next to YOUR blue-print.


Choosing to be Positive: The Ultimate Key to Success

At the end of the day, it’s what you think of yourself and your ideas that really matters. Past, mistakes, failures, society- all not worth your time. You can choose to be positive and hence keep on developing. No matter how many pit-falls you’ve fallen into, it’s the way you choose to look at that fall that ultimately will decide your fate. Whether you choose to be wise enough to stay positive and work towards developing you idea through a trial and error system OR you choose to ruminate about that very failure and let it dictate the story of your life, its your choice. Remember, the best species are the ones that are the most acceptive towards the trial and error system of the nature and evolute themselves in the most wisely manner possible. We, ourselves, are one among the best examples. Listen to a biologist when she says, “Way to go, Homo Sapiens!” Design your own life.

Sayonaara! Your comments and feedback are most welcome. Always.

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