[dropcap]I [/dropcap]miss our first meet

those late night coffees

those long walks

those endless shots

n’ then waking up

in your arms


Those short yet cherished quickies

in the middle of night

I waking you up

just to hug you back

to sleep tight


That feeling of your morning breath

and the endless kisses that used to follow

That warmth of your chest

Trust me! Of it I couldn’t get enough.


Those cuddly nights

n’ I throwing you out of bed

Oh! the thought of doing that

now just makes me sad


How I’d then come crawling back to you

first thing in the morning

drifting towards

the other side of bed

n’ Look at your sleepy face

Plant a kiss on your neck

n’ lie on your chest

Just to make you awake

So you could take me back

in your arms


I can sing you a song

A millions of times

If you could just

keep holding me in your arms


Those unfinished dinners

& the times that I was sky top high

Your lips on mine, 

As off the lights went by


I miss you!


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